February 2, 2020

Urdu Novel: Lahasil by Umera Ahmed – Kindle edition by Umera Ahmed, Lubna Ikhlaq, Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood, Hasan Umar. Download it once and read . La Hasil is Umera Ahmad’s very interesting novel. In this she discussed a little the life and nature of Najma Sultana. Read it free Here. لا حاصل اردو ناول: ایک اور بہترین اردو ناول جیسے عمیرہ احمد نے لکھا اور ہم جسے آپ سب کے لیے موبائل ایپ میں متعارف کروا رہے ہیں۔ اس ناول ایپ کی بہت ساری.

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Its not that bad a novel.

Read La-Hasil Novel Online

This superiority leads us to look down on our peers, to judge the weak and punish the dependent, harshly. The story of La haasil reflects upon one of the worst human traits; our predilection for judging others around us for their actions, their words and their choices when our own lives are blemished.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 10, Sabeen rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 23, Maryam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 03, Muhammad Abbas added it. Hollow Pursuits is a sublime tale of individuals who faced different trials ahed life. Want to Read saving…. Sep 07, Omar Nasim rated it it was amazing.

Her initial stories were published in monthly urdu digests and later came out in the form of books. Aug 09, Nazish Islam rated it it was amazing. It seemed like the thought-provoking story of two women of different generation. She lost everything once and got everything at last.

My views about reading urdu books completely changed. Same was the case with ahemd one! La Hasil – It isn’t just a story, its a journey, a pack of emotions which stir up one’s soul and gives one too much think on. It was a tragedy when they separated but the reunion, the short period they got to spend together was bittersweet. Ego, arrogance and over-pride left her all alone to be cried. I loved her spiritual journey and I learned how you have to remain thanking Allah nomatter what, because He always knows the be contains spoilers Umera Ahmed’s novels are classics.


لا حاصل by Umera Ahmed

Allah is the judge of our lives, of what we do today, tomorrow, every day. Once i laid my hands on this book i couldn’t keep it down. Mazhar, a seemingly practicing Muslim, is a self proclaimed caretaker of Islam. After i finished the book i was in such a trance bby i bought all the books of the author and read them!

Again in this book she has failed to break her own stereotype. Sep 25, Lubaba rated it really liked it. At times the one’s never ending wishlist make him lost and he forgets what he is doing with himself and the people around him. As always, there’s something about Urdu novels that makes them truly special On the other side it has been told how the never-ending desires of a human can destroy him.

Dec 15, Abubakar Kamil rated it it was amazing. Her novels are basically based on spirituality love emotions and humanity. Khadija Noor, the centre stage character is the epitome of belief, patience and self-sacrifice.

Khadija Noor, her transformation, her pain, her struggles, her joys and smiles, but most of all; the hurdles in her life which were created most often by humans eager to punish and never ready to forgive.

As always like Umera Ahmed’s other novels, La Hasil began capturing scenes of many characters and with expert-hands she gently tied them together towards the end.


Refresh and try again. None of her books have come as a disappointment to me ever. The story while having a strong moral overtone, is still quite nice to read with likable characters, a little too black-and-white they are.

Mankind has many vices, but one of our greatest faults is the superiority complex we develop if we possess even a little umefa knowledge or a better asset than someone else. A line from the book “people beat the drum of religion only to impress others with prayer umeera pomposity but when it comes to observing My second urdu book of Umera Ahmed translated in english hy this one is good.

However i do think some of the goodness of this book has probably been lost in the translation, but on the whole a good read Imagine the catastrophe created if the end judgement of our lives was placed in the hands of an ordinary man.

لا حاصل (La Hasil)

Lists with This Book. Its just that after the success of pirekamil,Umera ahmed seems to be obsessed with the same plot.

A nice novel set in Pakistan. Mama Jan’s character was undefinable.

La Hasil Novel By Umaira Ahmed

This is an amazing novel. Perfect written by Umera Ahmed. It is fascinating to read and understand the real values of Islam and how they do or do not get imbibed into dealings of real life. The dream sequence of Mariam is jux amaxing. A real umra of true love. Marium, another main character, is desire personified.