May 28, 2020

constitution. 0 references. country · Poland. 0 references. scanned file on Wikimedia Commons · Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf × 1,, 26 pages; Andrzej Garlicki, Przewr ot majowy [May Coup d’ etat] (Warsaw: Czytelnik, ), À 7. Andrzej Burda, Konstytucja marcowa. Dokumenty naszej tradycji. See S. Estreicher, Nasza Konstytucja [Our Constitution] (). See the constitution of the Polish Republic, Mar. 17, 1, in Burda, Konstytucja Marcowa.

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The deputies receive compensation the amount of which is determined konshytucja the standing orders, and are entitled to the free use of the state means of communication for travelling over the whole territory of the Republic.

Instruction in religion is compulsory for all pupils in every educational institution, the curriculum of which includes instruction of youth under eighteen years of age, if the institution is maintained wholly or in part konstytuca the state, or by self-government bodies.

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Deputies cannot be made responsible, either during their term of office or after it has expired, for their activities in or out of the Sejm appertaining to the exercise of their office as deputies. A deputy is also debarred from receiving from the government any decorations other than military. The state will exercise supervision over self-government activities through superior self-government boards; such supervision may, however, be partially delegated by statute to administrative courts.

Exceptional courts are admissible only in cases determined by statutes, which statutes must have been issued before the offence was committed. Every citizen having the right to vote is eligible for election to the Sejm, konstytucjs of his place of residence, if he is at least twenty-five years of age, not excepting members of the army in active service. The Senate is composed of members elected by the individual Voivodeships, by universal, secret, direct, equal, and proportional voting.

Contemporary Poland from A special statute will determine the number, competence, and mutual relation of the Ministers, as well as the competence of the Council of Knstytucja. The organization, jurisdiction, and procedure of all courts will be defined by legislation. Citizens have the right of presenting individual or collective petitions to all state and self-government representative bodies and public authorities.


Apart from that, each minister is individually responsible, in his domain, for his activities in office; that is, as well for their conformity with the constitution and the other statutes of the state, and for the activities of the subordinate organs, as for the direction of his policies. The churches of the religious minorities and other legally organized mracowa communities govern themselves by their own laws, which the state may not refuse to recognize unless they contain rules contrary to law.

Jankowski Minister Zdrowia Publicznego w z. Statutes will define the right of the state to buy up land against the will of the owners, and to regulate the transfer of land, applying the principle that the agrarian organization of the Republic of Poland should be based on agricultural konztytucja capable of regular production and forming private property. Teaching in state and marcpwa schools is gratuitous. A citizen may be prosecuted and punishment inflicted only by virtue of a statute actually in force.

Every bill passed by the Sejm will be submitted to the Senate konstytuccja consideration.

konstytucja marcowa – English translation – Polish-English dictionary

However in some instances the use of this image in Poland might be regulated by other laws. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: A statute of the state will determine annually the budget of the state for the ensuing year. All schools and educational institutions, public as well as private, are subject to supervision by state authorities marcwoa the limits prescribed by statutes. Commercial and customs treaties, as well as treaties which impose a permanent financial burden on the state, or contain legal rules binding on the citizens, or change the frontiers of the state, also alliances, require the consent of the Sejm.

The ministers and the authorities subordinate to them have the same right in their respective fields of jurisdiction.

Elections will take marcowz within forty days from the date of dissolution, the precise date to be determined either in the resolution of the Sejm or in the message of the President, on the dissolution of the Sejm. The Roman Catholic religion, being the religion of the preponderant majority of the nation,occupies in the state the chief position among enfranchised religions.

For the purpose of passing upon the legality of administrative acts in the field of state, konstytucj well as of self-government administrative, a special statute will create administrative courts, basing their organization on the cooperation of lay citizens and professional judges, and culminating in a Supreme Administrative Court.


The adoption the March Constitution set in motion the process of electing the state authorities.

File:Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf – Wikimedia Commons

The units of self-government may combine into unions in order to accomplish tasks which belong to the domain of self-government. An adjournment requires the consent of the Sejm, if previous adjournment has taken place during the same ordinary session, or if the interruption is to last for more than thirty days. The deputies are representatives of the whole nation and are not bound by any instructions given by the voters. For violation of the rights of a third person, they may be made to answer before a court of law, if the judicial authority obtains the consent of the Sejm thereto.

Ordinances by public authorities, from which result rights or duties of citizens, have binding force only if issued by the authority of a statute, and with a specific reference to the same. The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the state, in case of war, is appointed by the President of the Republic, on the motion of the Council of Ministers, presented by the minister of military affairs who is responsible to the Sejm for the acts connected with the command in time of war, as well as for all affairs of military direction.

Judicial decisions may not be changed either by the legislative power or by the executive power. This constitution has binding force from the day of its publication, or in so far as the realization of its individual provisions is dependent on the issuing of special statutes on the day of their going into force. Statutes will determine the cases in which decisions of self-government organs may exceptionally require confirmation by superior self-government mqrcowa or by ministries. The Republic of Poland does not recognize privileges of birth or of estate, or any coats of arms, family or other titles, with the exception of those of learning, office, or profession.

Within the limits of the elementary school, instruction is compulsory for all citizens of the state.