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Gamer Extraordinaire by RiptideCrew reviews You have seen Naruto and self inserts play the mage or some other form where they usually put Stat points into INT WIS Mainly, but what if Naruto took a different path from the rest and becomes one with the shadows? Having learned the seals, Ino informs all of the shinobi of them as they begin to initiate the strategy.

Before the seemingly confused Ten-Tails, Naruto stands bleeding and exhausted, but still smiling confidently. For other uses, see Deadlock disambiguation.

Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter 635 Full Color

Shikamaruhaving thought of komuk plan, contacts Kitsuchi via Ino ‘s telepathy and inquires from him the hand seals used to perform the simplest earthen defence intending to use the quantity of the shinobi to overwhelm the Ten-Tails’ attack. Madara — who notes that the fight had started to kkmik him, and he had already found something else to preoccupy his time — turns in time to see the Alliance rally around Naruto, providing a defence for him while Sakura begins to heal him.

As this occurs, Obito remembers Rin once again before forming a seal of his own and letting out a cry which draws the attention of many on the battlefield. Sakura rallies the shinobi to continue fighting as she heals Naruto, declaring that they had to do everything in their power.

He started seeing things that no one else could see; people’s names floating over their heads, strange rectangles with confusing messages popping up in front of his face. Will he be able to reach the light or will he fall into into the darkness?

T – English – Chapters: Fic ini memakai setting Gaia di dunia Han Jee Han. Within Kamui’s dimensionObito questions Kakashi how reality may mend the hole in one’s heart. Tune in for me: However, as the battlefield clears, the shinobi are all revealed to be alive and well, having been protected by their respective shrouds. Kiba exclaims that Team 8 will be going too, declaring they won’t lose to Team 7.

Retrieved from ” http: Elsewhere, OrochimaruSuigetsuand Karin arrive at their destination, with the Sannin commenting on Tsunade ‘s bad condition. Noticing the surrounding barrierthe Ten-Tails begins to charge yet another Tailed Beast Ball only to be contained, surprising many shinobi regarding the prowess of the reincarnated Hokage. He then states that it was the system of the villages, and the shinobi that he intended to destroy because no good came of it.


Noting Madara’s intentions, Hashirama tells both Naruto and Sasuke to deal with Obito since they were the closest to him.

Naruto Drawing Book Pinterest 30 Komik Naruto Images – kids coloring

Sakura, having let her guard down momentarily, is saved by the techniques of Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi calmly tells Obito that being trash has taught him a valuable lesson — that the hole can always be filled up by the feelings of his friends — going as far as to consider those who abandon those feelings way worse than those who abandon their friends.

Trying to speak sense to his former friend, even though Obito decries his actions and tries to play on his conscience, Kakashi notes that he had long since realised that Obito was trying to overlap his old self with Naruto. Shocked, the beast undergoes another transformation, as the shrouds vanish from around the shinobiand Naruto falls to one knee, very fatigued. Meanwhile on the battlefield, the Ten-Tails begins to transform once again as it charges its attack.

Naruto x Kim Hye-Shin. Namun, Sakura dan Raizel ingin memulai kehidupan mereka yang sebenarnya dengan saling membuka diri. With shock, Minato realises that Obito had been the one who orchestrated the destruction of Konohagakure. Hashiramataking this opportunity, creates five wood clones — four to help the alliance counter-attack and one to do battle against Madarawho decides to simply wait until the original is available.

Saiwho notes that he’s also part of Team 7, makes an attempt at the main body via an aerial nartuo while flying on his ink bird. Tower of Naruto by Caexah reviews Naruto reborn in a new world seek the challenges he couldn’t find anywhere else, but inside the Tower of God.

With both her teammates by her side, Sakura happily notes that she was finally on par with them. Take a step into Naruto’s Adventures being in the G. As Orochimaru and the others took their leave, back on the battlefield, Sai questions Sakura about her views on Sasuke’s return, her answer to which leads Sai to believe that although the words were sincere, her smile was a fake.

With the Hokage all positioned, they perform the Four Red Yang Formation technique to trap the beast, with Hashirama adding an additional sealpinning down the beast’s tails and arms. However, Minato tells them not to worry as he was on their side, and asks Sakura if she was Naruto ‘s girlfriend. This volume’s cover is an updated version of the chapter 4 title page illustration from volume 1.


Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke simultaneously use the Summoning Techniquesaying that they fortunately have a solution to the problem. With this, Obito announces that he is incapable of feeling pain, and shows Kakashi that there was no heart in his chest, just naryto windhole which was caused by the hell of this world.

Minato acknowledges the trio, kimik that this is the new three-way deadlock summoning leading Hiruzen to remember his students and acknowledge that it was truly the dawning of a new era.

Hinataencouraged by thoughts of Neji and Naruto, finishes the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms on a mini-clone, noting that Naruto has always been working hard and she’s always been by his side; activating her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists she declares that she’d use the two attacks together this time. The Ten-Tails’ power creates earthquakes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes all over the battlefield. Briefed on the situation — the Kage now all healed — made preparations to head to the battlefield.

The Konochi Cartoon gamer by Generalhyna reviews After Dieing in a hit narufo Run accident, Arabella ‘Bella’ Kelly is reborn into the narutoverse with the gamers ablity and the ability to nafuto. Just as the walls were about to breach, the attack disappears following the arrival of the Fourth Hokage — who questions his son if he had arrived too late to which Naruto informs him that he was right on time.

With the arrival of Sasukedespite everyone not fully acknowledging him, the reformed Rookie Nine prepare themselves for the upcoming battle against the Ten-Tails. Meanwhile, Sasuke instructs Aoda to go straight ahead, while he would attack the original himself. Using fear tactics, Orochimaru gets the two to comply, and the trio turn their attention to the Kage. They start to think back to their childhood days as young ninja, when they fought under the instructions of their sensei.

But a child like him cannot stay like this, and so she planned. I just never expected to show up with abilities similar to those in The Gamer. Once Naruto reaches of age he is asked to enroll into it and becomes one of the first two males to ever enroll in the previously all-female school.