January 26, 2020

In Joseph LeDoux’s The Emotional Brain presented a revelatory examination of the biological bases of our emotions and memories. Now, the. Joseph LeDoux has made yet another attempt to span this chasm (here scaled to the dimensions of the synaptic cleft) in Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become. In Joseph LeDoux’s The Emotional Brain presented a revelatory examination and the mechanism of self-awareness, Synaptic Self is a provocative and.

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It was overall a good book, but it didn’t wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be.

Other editions – View all Synaptic Self: The author is too verbose to suit me, but that may just reflect my previous readings. This book is very logical and scientific, particularly in its acknowledgment that much remains unknown and that many conclusions cannot be applied universally. This chapter could stand on it’s own though it flows elegantly from the previous theory. Dec 16, Steve Woods rated it it was amazing Shelves: His studies lead him to the view that it is the infant’s emotional engagement with other people, particularly the mother, that is most important for normal development and he dismisses the importance of the genes in controlling how the brain develops and so functions during childhood.

In the presence of high cortisol, these cells do not regenerate.

Love is a many-moleculed thing

He is so thorough that one almost thinks that he gives a little too much time to the philosophical approach but at least he stays away from burying the reader in qualia. With no neuroscience background at the time, I found it extremely challenging and put it off for lsdoux until I amassed enough knowledge to read it.

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Ledoux considers the relation between what he calls the mental trilogy – cognition, emotion, motivation – and this brings into play an investigation into memory, both that which is readily accessible, and that which is not. It is funny that it takes thousands of humans to study the human brain, and still be a million miles away of understanding how Are we a soul and a body OR are we a product of a set of interconnected neurons in our brain?

It’s not graduate level science but there’s quite a lot of diagrams and references and abbreviations for specific brain regions, circuits, and geographic areas. LeDoux Limited preview – I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for learning more about the secrets of self-hood.

Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become who We are – Joseph E. LeDoux – Google Books

LeDoux No preview available – The author often referenced how one result was found after putting lesions in mice brains or a drug was found after locking up monkeys in cages to make snyaptic aggressive and anxious. The problem is, this mystery lies at the very core of human selfhood; it is the biological sine qua non upon which the existential angst of Sartre and friends is built.

I have a little background in brain physiology but still found myself having to reread paragraphs and passages to clarify what LeDoux was talking about. View Full Version of PW. Il tutto dipendente sia da strutture biologiche di base sia da esperienze. In my opinion the author suffers synxptic the same problem that most hard core scientists who try to write a pop-science book: Paperbackpages. Ledoux talks about neurons, action potentials, neurotransmitters and neuromodulation, different areas and structures in the brain, synaptic plasticity, etc Synapses encode the essence of personality, enabling each of us to function as a distinctive, sybaptic individual from moment to moment.


Preview — Synaptic Self by Joseph E. But the nerve cell is just one of billions – there are a thousand million synapses in a piece of brain the size of a grain of sand – that connect in complex circuits.

Synaptic Self

I found the science to be well explained. It is like a protein bar, very dense, hard to chew, takes time to digest but is synaptlc with goodness.

Jun 06, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: From there the book builds-up to present day research on synaptic plasticity both from a behavioural and electrophysiological point-of-view. While some may disagree with LeDoux’s conclusion that “the brain makes the self” through its synapses, he makes an important contribution to the literature on the relationship between these two entities.

This kind of “digging” into the intricateness of neuronal paths is what makes very hard to see the overall synnaptic of how neurons make the self. I do question how much I will retain since much synaptc the language used and names of various regions were new to me and without reinforcement am guessing will be lost.

I’m sometimes told that the popular science books I read don’t do an adequate job of relaying the true scientific underbelly of the subject being talked about.