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Pure, White and Deadly ~. John Yudkin was Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the. University of London from to and is now Emeritus. Professor. Pure, White and Deadly. John Yudkin. Sugar. It is killing us. Why do we eat so much of it? What are its hidden dangers? In , when British scientist John. John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar Nora Roberts; Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin, a book widely derided at the.

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The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute decided to go all in, commissioning the largest controlled trial of diets ever undertaken.

I believe Yudkin was really going against the grain when he published this work, and his forward details this. Open Preview See a Problem?

Their arguments shared a premise — that carbohydrates are more dangerous to our health than fat — though they differed in particulars. From the Eighties onwards, several discoveries gave new credence to Yudkin’s theories. Yudkin and his associates, however, fed both experimental animals and human volunteers with differing quantities of sugar and starch, and found major differences between the two carbohydrates in their metabolic effects. They took him down so severely — so severely — that nobody wanted to attempt it on whitw own.

John Yudkin was ddeadly inin the East End of London. We tend to think of heretics as contrarians, individuals with a compulsion to flout conventional wisdom. Whie espoused in the late s after the invention of aspirin by Bayer, this idea was relegated to the dustbin of medical science in favor of the cholesterol hypothesis, which reigned for the second half of the twentieth century.

But it was not impossible to foresee that the vilification of fat might be an error. Obviously buy what came from the earth – not all of us can have gardens and orchards. For Whom and Dezdly Whom?

Pure, White, and Deadly by John Yudkin | : Books

This also means nad doesn’t cover the rise of high fructose corn syrup, although Yudkin does mention it as a new way of sugar processing. The scientific debate swung decisively behind the fat hypothesis.


This story, which has begun to emerge in the past decade, has been deafly to public attention largely by sceptical outsiders rather than eminent nutritionists. You’ll still understand the book and learn why the Sugar Industry has so much power and influence over your food supply and why you cannot stop the madness simply by choosing NOT to eat it.

This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat The British Sugar Bureau put out a press release dismissing Yudkin’s claims as “emotional assertions” and ppure World Sugar Research Organisation described his book as “science fiction”.

If you are seeking to protect your authority, why draw attention to evidence that seems to contradict the assertions on which that authority is founded? Inresearchers from Oxford University undertook a Europe-wide study of the causes of heart disease.

John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar

The book was little bit boring on the end, because of huge amounts of scientific explanation I am amateur in science of nutritionhowever, the message is very powerful and we should spread it among our fellows.

Also, his many careful explanations tend create a meandering experience which detracts from a strong central argument. This is a very interesting book. Besides teaching me a bit about sugar and nutrition, it also taught me a bit about the influences of politics.

Perhaps also he was an academic captive in his ivory tower, wedded to the idea that scientific truth on its own merits would prevail over falsehood and ignorance.

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This led to some of the foundational mistakes of modern nutrition. Only after a letter from Yudkin’s solicitor was he offered a small room in a separate building.

John Yudkin – Wikipedia

Yudkin was correct in seeing the negative impact sugar was having not only on cavities, weight gain and diabetes but also on heart disease. The next day, his chief physician, Dr Paul Dudley White, gave a press conference at which he instructed Americans on how to avoid heart disease: What are its hidden dangers? Dr Katz does not pretend that his field has been right on everything — he admitted to changing his own mind, for example, on dietary cholesterol.


Sugar produces craving, and craving produces profits for producers. Biochemists and endocrinologists are more likely to think of obesity as a hormonal disorder, triggered by the kinds of foods we started eating a lot more of when we cut back on fat: It is referenced in ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’. We have whitw so far away from our natural yuskin sources that many kids are actually surprised to find a friend at school who has veggies in their lunchbox.

Consider the idea that inflammation causes heart disease. This means consuming excessive fructose puts extra strain on the liverwhich then converts fructose to fat. Gary Taubes is a physicist by background. One of the problems with the anti-sugar message – then and now – is how depressing it is.

With the vast ammount of data we have on the present days can be proved, in words of Dr. In short, everyone — business, media, politicians, consumers — is to blame.

In he followed it up with Pure, White And Deadly on a similar theme. But in order to sustain his assertion that cholesterol causes heart attacks, he needed to jkhn an agent that raises its levels in the purw — he landed on saturated fats. Yudkin’s publications from the Department showed an unusual breadth of interests, including in addition to biochemistry further studies of adaptive enzymes, [19] [20] nutrition and public health[21] diseases of affluence[22] [23] food choice both in human beings [24] [25] and in experimental animals, [26] and historical aspects of the human diet.