May 22, 2020

I found this at a thrift store a while ago and thought it’d be something people might be interested in having some nice, high-res photos of for reference. Arno is an amalgam of the Loomis planes and a ‘planes of the head’ sculpture by John Asaro. Asaro was, as far as I can gather, a student of. Documents Similar To Planes of the Head – John Asaro. Anatomy Intro. Uploaded by. vinicius Successful Portrait Painting. John H. Sanden. Uploaded by.

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An extreme example might be painting over prints of photos, which some painters do.

The optical approach is a quick fix, and if you have the patience can probably produce someting impressive right now, without much training. Dinotopia is a registered trademark of James Gurney. But I still think the planar head keeps you thinking of a volume in space. I know that principle works in practice, and at first jphn Loomis seems to be following it here.

Please note New Users will have their posts moderated for a while. It would undoubtedly be better to sit some poor unsuspecting soul down and draw the planes on their head with a magic marker, but in lieu of that the mannequin does pretty well. Don’t worry, it happens! Your blog is great Paul and thanks so much for sharing your findings. All times are GMT Political Realism, about which Jacob Collins writes, was not just an academy debate, a reaction to the use of classical busts, etc.


A large proportion of the smaller galleries, it seems to me, are selling work to clients who want something to match their sofa.

I also found it difficult working with the planes in the Loomis book and became disheartened, but now feel inspired to try making my own head in a manner of speaking! Would like to share my thoughts: I stand in awe of the number of illustrations. Hello, aforementioned forensic artist here!

That would be great Lisa, thanks. I think the emphasis on self expression which we take so much for granted these days is a peculiarly modern phenomenon, and a hang over from the Romantic movement in many ways.

John Asaro Vintage Ceramic “Planes of the Head”.

Hi Nick, thanks for popping in. If you can, it’s best to ask art questions in the blog comments. This post is picking up a thread that I dropped in Aprilthe Loomis head drawings.

I struggled on like this for a while, until, out johm sheer frustration, I decided to make a head to finally figure out how those planes fitted together. February 3rd, 1.

Feeling the Form – Loomis and the Planes of the Head

Rhe, call me a sceptic, but it appears to me that what Loomis is doing here is drawing heads in perspective, which as a professional illustrator with years of experience he was quite capable of doing, and then superimposing the merest suggestion of his planes over the drawings. I got hold of a mannequin ojhn from ebay and drew the main divisions of the planes on it.

I can draw a comparison with the way forensic artists work when they do a composite. Volumes are made of planes.


He may well be right. Lost Password Recovery Form If you have forgotten your username or password, you can request to have your username emailed heae you and to reset your password. Thank you for an interesting post. What happens where the eye line meets the side of the socket going down to the cheek in the first drawing? Sculpting the plane head brings the plane analysis into the realm of reality.

Watts is some teacher-student steps removed and not a direct student of Frank Reilly. Art SchoolsFigure DrawingPortraits. Part of her job is to draw heads based on the descriptions of witnesses. There basically two clashing schools in arts training.

Gurney Journey: Plane Heads

It makes an joun difference to drawing I think. September 11th, Students and teachers can also quote images or text for their non-commercial school activity. I was discussing this some time ago with a highly accomplished artist David Kassan — check out those paintings!

Made any resolutions yet? People will debate the merits of these commercially available heads, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with any of them. Any thoughts on that? Join over other artists and get free updates. I have a vintage John Asaro Planar head that I’m selling. Thank you planess the post.