January 7, 2020

As Chuck shares in his article, the Issachar tribe “understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time.” We need the Issachar anointing. We need the Issachar anointing to know what God is doing in the earth and how we fit into that plan. Where are we in the Scriptures? What is being fulfilled in. Buy The Issachar Anointing: Read 19 Kindle Store Reviews –

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Holy Ghost, raise a standard against errors and wrong judgment in my life in Jesus’ name.

My people have praise in their fibers and the enemy has captured their garment of triumph that I released from Heaven. He’s turning His hourglass. Occurence means an event, an incident, happenings, circumstance. This concept is important because: The tribe of Issachar was positioned strategically with Judah and Zebulun Numbers 2: It wasn’t invented by a group of people.

Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

The Judah anointing is a ruling anointing that operates with great authority. This was before the day that we have come to know as our greatest terrorist attack, September 11, or just Interpreting the Times and Seasons! That’s true Christianity, the kind of Christianity the apostles knew.

Urgent yet hopeful, this call was for people to arm themselves for spiritual war against such enemies as moral decay, false religion, hopelessness, apathy and violence. God has given each of us an incredible inheritance. Ricardo Ramos said this on July 23, at 7: In every generation, He has raised up a people who are willing to war.

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Discerning the times and the seasons – The Issachar Anointing | A revivalist’s heart

It was a spiritual ability that was modelled by Issachar and taught to his offspring. I’m going to push through a brand new door.

The first was written in and released in May, The children of Issachar succeeded phenomenally because they had understanding of the times. Fortunes mean success, prosperity, estates, possessions, wealth. God is not calling Christians to try to be Jews, but He does want us to receive the blessings He gave through the Jews.

Holy Spirit teaches us and reveals to us the will of the Father. They dominated their generation. These are those who have received revelation on how to access their inheritance, which has been stored up in heaven throughout the ages, but not released to the earth until now, due to a lack of revelation. And God heeded Leah’s [prayer], and she conceived and bore Jacob [her] fifth son.

Thank you for the mustering my faith. Holy Spirit is the resisting force against the enemy in the earth today. Redeeming the Time by Chuck D.

The world is ossachar but your understanding will make you beat every competition. I want you to say, ‘I’m free at last. He is Yahweh, the God Who reveals Himself in covenant.

Make me thirst after understanding every moment of my life in Jesus’ name. This site uses cookies. People without knowledge perish. On the Third Day, He will raise us up!

It means perception, penetration and planning as a result of insight and foresight. As a result, we lost many of the blessings of Heaven that God wanted to pour upon us in time. You can leave a response iesachar, or trackback from your own site.


Let your prayer be……. How can you get this? Lord Jesus, open the palace for my sake and place me on the throne in your holy name. This is a very exciting time to be born in. Timely and seasonal revelation for his remnant as Gods presence begins to move forward.

The Issachar Anointing.

Anlinting were moving from the government of the house of Saul to the government of the house of David. They lived above errors and their glory is still being celebrated till today.

You’re free at last. It demands laying “aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us But you need to have an understanding of the times. We, the Body of Christ, are iasachar in His time.

Learn about the warfare we are presently fighting as well as what is ahead for us in the future so that you can stand in victory in these changing times. They are going to move into it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here These anointings have the same character traits as the three tribes. One of my favorite studies in the Word of God is the study of His Name. Because they are wise and prudent. What could there be?