January 6, 2020

The number of cycles, or revolutions, around a conveyor impacts the life of a radius belt. As packages have gotten smaller and throughput has increased, belts. A “series” is an Intralox family of belt “styles” which run on the same design of drive inch ( mm) pitch: Series , Series , Series inch( mm)Pitch Straight Belt: Series

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Series 2400

Longer runs on a continuous conveyor can help reduce startup and operating costs, and potentially eliminate product-damaging transfer points. Developing belting solutions that support sanitation efforts is a priority to Intralox.

Click the button below to directly contact the supplier. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. The FAQ serif help. We are continuously developing new package handling technology to help you improve your operations and keep up with the market demands.

Sefie Tight Turning Radius Belt conveys product around corners as tight as 1. Request more detailed information or literature. In situations where the serir is overloaded and running at high speeds, a range of problems can exist. Company Profile Email Us. The easy-to-clean design makes it an excellent choice for food processors who are faced with increasingly stringent sanitation demands. For more information about our Radius Solutions, please contact a customer service representative.


This website uses cookies for analytics and functionality purposes. Therefore, Intralox has designed solutions that smoothly transfer small products to the next conveying surface while minimizing stranding and tipping.

Series 2400 2.2 Radius Belt

Intralox Series Radius belt Source: Locate a distributor in your area. If you continue browsing our website, you accept these cookies.

Package types have gotten smaller. The two belts share basic design elements and run on the same sprockets.

To change your cookie settings or find out more, click here. The versatility of the belt is bolstered by the availability of flights and friction top modules, allowing the belt to perform in incline and decline applications. Reducing friction and PV Pressure Velocity with edge bearings between the inner edge of the belt and the wearstrips that the inner edge slides against has minimized these type of problems.

Company Name Intralox, Inc. When transfers are necessary, the small, 1.

Side Flexing Belt Series | Belt Identifier | Intralox | Intralox

While safety requirements are becoming stricter the new Radius Intralox offerings respond to the challenge by minimizing the belt opening or using a closed surface.


These tight turning modules may be installed on one or both sides of the belt. The open area also contributes to fast, thorough clean up, while still providing an operator-friendly surface. Therefore, we consciously design belt openings that allows product to 22400 straight through, making it sserie to clean.

Both Series Radius Belts offer versatility in conveyor design, the ability to conserve floorspace, and the option of creating longer runs — thanks to the significant strength of the belts. With a belt thickness of 0.

Optimize Radius Layouts and Performance. This allows for airflow in applications where a warm product must cool prior to packaging and drainage seie conveying wet product. The Tight Turning Radius Belt achieves tighter turns due to special edge modules which collapse tighter in turns.

The belt performs exceptionally well, even in demanding packaged goods and bulk product applications.