April 1, 2020

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics has ratings and 14 reviews. Woodge said: Apparently this guy Tom Rogers has got a very popular website where he deco. Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics: Hollywood’s Best Mistakes, Goofs, and Flat-Out Destructions of the Basic Laws of the Universe. by Tom Rogers. This is a fun. Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. chat. Posted by Rezwan Razani on Jul 20, at PM What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nov 24, Indah Threez Lestari rated it liked it Shelves: The copy of you down on the planet will feel just like you, will be convinced that he is you, and so to him it will feel sttupid he instantly beamed down from the ship to the surface. Roger’s work may be a little colored because I did a lot of similar analysis for my physics students. None of them exist anymore as species, but many of them have descendants, in the form of present-day species directly evolved from those gross little bugs.

Picture yourself far off into the future, a member of a moon colony, spending your days living and working on the moon.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Write a customer review. Movie nerds and nerds alike will love this takedown of hilariously terribly movie physics. Instead of deconstructing movies with humor, the tone is more chiding and it seems like he’s angry about not being included in some kind of joke.

Allison rated it really liked it Apr 05, High-Energy Films Nuclear firecrackers, falling people, and cars as weapons Chapter Honey, I shrunk the kids The companion book to the hit website www. I definitely do not recommend this book to the physic-phobic or people who just want to watch a movie and do not care if the scenes in the movie defy the laws of physics and sometimes common sense.


He worked as an engineer for 18 years and currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina. In reality it would be preposterous, but in a movie it might be a cool germ of a plotline, to imagine that some tiny trace of a long-forgotten slimy ancestor might still be found in us, maybe just an atom or two. The companion book to the hit website www.

Veeraragavan Nandakumar rated it liked it Dec 15, In some respects the book fills a gap between the academic world of physics and the greater world beyond as it dares to tackle some questions that physics texts shy away from. I also know two astronauts personally. As a physics teacher who often used movies and TV to point out the ridiculous scientific mistakes that were common in the media, this book makes a great resource. He doesn’t allow his science knowledge to interfere with his enjoyment of a movie if the science isn’t crucial to the story.

Whether you like really overthinking movies, nitpicking them, enjoying them, or merely are confused about physics, this book is quite a bit of fun. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Hollywood Bombs How filmmaker physics misses the boat Chapter 9: This book is well worth a read.

Choose Book Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics: Hollywood s Best Mistakes, Goofs and Flat-Out

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Perhaps they’re meant to be cute. Rogers makes a few interesting observations, and debunks a few of the more ubiquitous and less obvious movie-physics-isms using clear diagrams and equations, but these are few and far between.

Fusion Energy League We bring people together to bring nuclei together.

In this fascinating and funny guide, author Tom Rogers examines 20 different topics and shows how, when it comes to filmmaking, the rules of physics are flexible. The companion book to the hit website www.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, by Tom Rogers

See and discover other items: Sourcebooks Hysteria; 1 edition November 1, Language: In addition, there is some physical chemistry concerned with the combustion of gasoline, and a smattering of relativity physics but only in one chapter. Let the biggest nerd win! The suit may indeed survive such an abrupt stop, but the body within would be reduced to something resembling a bloody pudding. Aug 08, Amar Pai rated it it was ok.


Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, by Tom Rogers ยป TimeBlimp

In this clip Iron Man is shot down and hits the ground at a speed comparable to dtupid of a missile. Still, there were many ideas in this book that I never developed myself so I was glad to have my understanding widened.

You saunter up at 8: Hollywood Disasters Global warming, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other big winds Chapter The level of detail is sometimes way too heavy for this English major Lists phyzics This Book.

If more of the book could have been at the same level as his analysis of movie space battles, it would have been much, much While I’m fully behind the concept of this book, fir the most part it just failed to deliver. For the most part, the physics being discussed is no more advanced than that covered in high school course or in the first few classes of a freshman college course.

Return to Book Page. My favorite is his description of a cool movie version of assasination on the moon. Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics: Something your typical movie scriptwriter would never dream up.

Heather rated it really liked it Feb 06,