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January 4, 2020

ICLE, ICLE, ICLE, ICL. 3. E, ICLE, ICLE. ±15kV ESD Protected, +3V to +V, 1µA, kbps,. RS ICLECAZ-T, Manufacturer: Intersil, D/C: +, Qty: , Region: China, Action: PDF: Contact Vendor. Part No.: ICLECAZ-T, Manufacturer. cum Notis Variorum, edente Arnt2enio, 31W and very neat, 14s Amjl. r Plinii Epiftolae et Panegyricus, fine paper, 9s Glafg.1’icl Aliud Exemplar.

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INVALID operates in all modes forced or automatic powerdown, or 3222 onso it is also useful for systems employing manual powerdown circuitry. Do not use values smaller than those listed in Table 3.

Active low output that indicates if no valid RS levels are present on any receiver input. All devices guarantee a kbps data rate for full load conditions 3k? Additionally, the two ICLX products include noninverting monitor receivers denoted by the ROUTB label that are always active, regardless of the state of any control lines.

A mouse, or other application, may need more time to wake up from shutdown. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this speci? The INVALID output always indicates whether or not a valid RS signal is present at any of the receiver inputs see Table 2giving the user an easy way to determine when the interface block should power down.


Nevertheless, if strictly manual control over powerdown is desired, the user must strap FORCEON high to disable the automatic powerdown circuitry.

The charge pump, the transmitters, and the receivers. Figure 10 details a transmitter loopback test circuit, and Figure 11 illustrates the loopback test result at kbps. The specification table lists a minimum of kbps to maintain complete compatibility with competitor data sheets. Figure 12 shows the loopback results for a single transmitter driving pF and an RS load at kbps. The static transmitters were also loaded with an RS receiver. This occurs when an attached peripheral device is shut off or the RS cable is removed, conserving system power automatically without changes to the hardware or operating system.

If in doubt, use capacitors with a larger nominal value. F bypass capacitor is adequate. ICL receivers disable during forced manual icll, but not during automatic powerdown see Ivl 2. This family is fully compatible with 3. Table 2 summarizes the automatic powerdown functionality. Figure 9 shows the transmitter output voltages under increasing load current. Internally generated negative transmitter supply Figure 5 illustrates a circuit that keeps the ICL32XX from initiating automatic powerdown for ms after powering up.

The ICLX are 3 driver, 5 receiver devices that provide a complete serial port suitable for laptop or notebook computers. Wide Power Supply Range. Capacitor Selection Iccl charge pumps require 0. This renders them useless for wake up functions, but the corresponding monitor receiver can be dedicated to this task as shown in Figure 3.


The power management logic then uses this indicator to power down the interface block.

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Iicl EN high disables all the inverting standard receiver outputs placing them in a high impedance state. Inverting receiver outputs may or may not disable in powerdown; refer to Table 2 for details.

Reconnecting the cable restores valid levels at the receiver inputs, INVALID switches high, and the power management logic wakes up the interface block. F; Unless Otherwise Speci?

F capacitors for 3. For the lowest il consumption during powerdown, the receivers should also be disabled by driving the EN input high see next section, and Figures 2 and 3. ICLX monitor receivers remain active even during manual powerdown and forced receiver disable, making them extremely useful for Ring Indicator monitoring.

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This automatic powerdown feature provides additional system power savings without changes to the existing operating system. Guaranteed Minimum Slew Rate.

Note that all the receiver outputs remain enabled during shutdown see Table 2.