January 4, 2020

Ancient and classic jyotish book was written by Bala Bhadra in 16 century and is a rare classic book of vedic. Book Hora ratnam no – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Hora Ratnam Two Vols – Buy Astrology Books at best price of Rs /set from Jyotish Sagar Private Limited. Also find here related product comparison.

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If Mercury joins a benefic planet, he will be a benefic. Grassgreen is Mercury’s colour. Yavana’s scheme of things as known through available literature did not include Rahu and Ketu, the two lunar nodes. From practical experience, we find Bala Bhadra’s suggestion being meaningful.

Hora Ratnam

These can ratham used in tracing lost articles and solving thefts according to the strongest of the planets. It is suggested by the author that if the ascending degree obtains the same Navamsa as in the Rasi, the native will be among the prosperous lot. Seen from a practical angle, this instruction cannot be restricted to a certain dasa period only.

If Aries ratanm the 6th house, head will be primarily prone to injury, diseases etc.

The present twelve verses are attributed to Yavanesvara, describing the 12 signs of the zodiac. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio as an example and his direction is the south. Jataka RatnaMala speaks in laudatory terms about astrology, thus. Planets in Aries will affect one’s head, brain etc. In sage asyapa’s expression, “Dreshkaanaadi Phalam” means “effects of decanates etc.


On the same line, Mercury does not enjoy strength upto 14th degree of Virgo. Ketu is known by such other names as Sikhi one who has reached the summit of knowledgeKetu, Dhvaja flagDhumra, Mrityu Putra and Anila wind, rheumatism, rztnam.

Brahmin has been described as one belonging to the first of four original divisions of Hindu traditional body, but often in the present day a layman engaged in non-priestly occupations rahnam the name is said to be strictly applicable to only one who knows and recites the Vedas again and again. In case of a query, the age and caste of the lord of the ascendant will lead to the knowledge of ohra thief.

Firstly, the names of the zodiacal signs are stated as per Kalyana Varma. Bhagavata Purana stipulates even their distances from the earth.

The age groups of the planets have been described elsewhere as under. Synonyms for Bhavas as per Saravali: Divisions as per Hra Mihira: These two should be understood from that portion.

Apart from this, Bhava means “eleven”, speaking of eleven Rudras or so many forms of Lord Siva.

Hora RatNam

The Moon, Jupiter and the Sun are Satvic’ reflecting goodness in nature. One season of 2 months is ruled by Mercury.

For ratnqm take the present verses. It is in the form of a Skandha and is a reflector of various kinds of effects of a birth. He is of bilious composition and as limited hair on his head.


At least, some important essence is available to us, out of such rarest texts, thanks to the selfless and untiring efforts of Bala Bhadra. The Sun’s hue has a mix of red with black. Bala Bhadra observes, the use of the above description of horq signs lies in recovering stolen articles, lost wealth and location of place or surroundings of birth.

The 3rd house is called Duschikya. That is why “Aho-Ratra” is important. The first chapter of a detailed work is always on signs. Why Smriti and Sruti lay down rules of do’s and don’ts, meaning why duties in the current birth are prescribed? For example, incase of Aries, the seven Saptamsas are counted from Aries itself ending with Libra.

Book Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

These are Uttarayana Sun’s northerly course and Dakshinayana Sun’s southerly course. Army chief is Mars.

The 4th house is known as Paataala, against the 10th – its opposite house – being zenith or meridian in a horoscope.