January 3, 2020

Guasa Therapy can help pinpoint health problems in your body. It helps to remove toxins from your body and promotes the blood circulation. Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧) is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light petechiae. Practitioners believe that gua sha. Importer of Guasa Therapy – Aro Guasa Oil, Guasa Board offered by Solutions Company, Ludhiana, Punjab.

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Breasts become swollen and painful, making it difficult for babies to latch. New evidence supports the idea that mindfulness techniques can enhance and facilitate weight loss efforts by encouraging better eating habits. Register take the tour. Cautions of Guasa therapy 1. A randomized therapj trial tgerapy. Gua sha aims to move energy, known as qi or chi, around the body.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Never perform the therapy on patients with cancer, to avoid the growth of cancer cells. After a week, those who had received gua sha treatment reported greater flexibility and less back pain than the other group. Her migraines improved during this time, suggesting that this ancient healing technique may be an effective remedy for guaxa. Article last reviewed by Sat 23 December He was given gua sha, and after 48 hours of treatment he experienced a decline in liver enzymes.

Can breast massage reduce stretch marks or increase milk supply?

Do not perform the therapy on people who are drunk, too full, too hungry, thirsty, or too tired, in order to prevent dizziness during treatment. This made it easier for them to breastfeed.


The treatment has also been called the descriptive French name, tribo- effleurage. Retrieved from ” https: More research is needed. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is energy that flows through the body. It can also be seen in the Vietnamese movie Cyclo. What are the benefits of gua sha? Many people believe that a person’s qi must be balanced and flowing freely to ensure their health and wellbeing. Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. Journal of Medical Technology and Physical Therapy26 2.

Small injuries to the body, such as the bruises caused by gua sha, are sometimes known as microtrauma.

Guasa Therapy – Aro Guasa Oil Importer from Ludhiana

Using a tool instead of the hands during a massage allows a physiotherapist to apply more pressure. Benefits Side effects Takeaway What is gua sha? Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy.

Spirulina ,Pranayama she is leading normal life.

Understanding Gua Sha: Benefits and Side Effects

This page was printed from: Also cited is a French romanization for the same set thdrapy two Chinese characters: Gua sha may help to break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movement in the joints.

Even trying to cut back on the sweet stuff…. In cases of fatigue from heavy manual labor work, a piece of ginger gjasa soaked in rice wine is sometimes used to rub down the spine from top to bottom. Protective measurements against infectious agents that tehrapy recommended include the single use of disposable devices, sterilization of re-used equipment and glove use. However, there was a case report of acute epiglottitis due to gua sha treatment on the neck for throat pain.


The treatment involves using a tool to rub the skin in long strokesapplying enough pressure to create minor bruising. Naturopathy Allopathy Reiki Pranayama. Cost of Guasa therapy.

Gua sha: What you need to know

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Five benefits of hot stone massage therapy. Practitioners believe that gua sha releases unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery.

The most common treatment for high blood pressure consists of taking specific medication, but could regular exercise bring the same benefits? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Researchers have carried out small studies on the following groups of people to see if gua sha works:. Complimenting this therapy is the use of Guasa Lotion or Aro Guasa Oil to bring about enhanced health benefits.

Gua sha: Uses, benefits, and side effects

From worsening anxiety to making depression more likely, sugar is seriously harmful to your mental health. Gua sha should not be confused with ZhenBian Chinese: The techniques are sometimes used together. Instructions for Guasa therapy.