January 14, 2020

1. Congress is not raising Godhra Khand because if they do so the BJP, will raise Gujarat asmita, which will destroy Congress party completely. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Ultimately , leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team. Today, February 27, it will be 15 years since the Godhra incident that lit the flames of a massive sectarian conflagration. According to official.

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But it is clearly evident that the Gujarat Police acted more firmly on Muslim mobs as 24 Muslims and 13 Hindus were killed in police firings.

Gordhan Zadafiathe Minister of State for Home, stated that he believed there would be no retaliation from the Hindu community.

The party gained in all the constituencies affected by the communal violence and a number of candidates implicated in the violence were elected, which in turn ensured freedom from prosecution.

The CPI M said that godha report reinforced ksnd prejudices. It ordered that the SIT would be the nodal agency for deciding about witness protection and also asked that it file supplementary charge sheets and that it may cancel the bail of the accused.

The Seafarers of Kachchh. Retrieved 24 February Impacts And Consequences edited by Gloria Davies.

2002 Gujarat riots

Voices from Narendra Modi’s Gujarat. Religious politics and communal violence. In the aftermath of the violence, it became clear that many attacks were focused not only on Muslim populations, but also on Muslim women and children. It is time to rethink the death penalty.


Gujarat riots – Wikipedia

The paper carried reports to highlight communal harmony. Experiments with Violence in Gujarat.

Of them, 11, were arrested for criminal behavior 3, Muslim, 7, Hindu and 16, were arrested as a preventative measure 2, Muslim, 13, Hindu. There were more than sixty investigations by national and international bodies many of godhrw concluded that the violence was supported by state officials.

Retrieved 6 April Shah, the public prosecutor in the Gulbarg Society massacre, resigned because he found it impossible to work with the SIT and further stated that “Here I am collecting witnesses who know something about a gruesome case in which so many people, mostly women and children huddled in Jafri’s house, were killed and I get no cooperation. The report also concluded that there had been heavy stone godhrs on the train.

Retrieved 9 June Within a few months Nanavati, before hearing any testimony declared there was no evidence of lapses by either the police or government in their handling of the violence. Children were killed by being burnt alive and those who dug the mass graves described the bodies interred within them as “burned and butchered beyond recognition. Retrieved 11 July Consequently the theory that it was an ISI cell or a group who boarded the train after it was stopped that had carried out the carnage becomes extremely difficult to sustain.

Archived from the original on 7 December Retrieved 4 November The Times of India. Religious persecution Freedom of religion Religious violence.


15 years after Godhra, we still don’t know who lit the fire | analysis | Hindustan Times

The fact that convictions have gone that high means the conspiracy charge has been accepted and the political influencing of the mobs has been accepted by the judge. The Geometry of Genocide: The committee concluded that the fire had begun inside the train and was most likely accidental.

Can’t Gujarat implement family planning? Although the Supreme Court had declared such strikes to be unconstitutional and illegal, and despite the common tendency for such strikes to be followed by violence, no action was taken by the state to prevent the strike. Local judges were also biased. After police dismissed the case against her assailants, Bilkis Bano approached the National Human Rights Commission of India and petitioned the Supreme Court seeking a reinvestigation.

Godhra kand.JPG

For the first time, the verdict acknowledged the role of a politician in inciting Hindu mobs. This coverage played a central role in the politics of the situation. Religiosity and the Remaking of Urban Space. Archived from the original on 5 September Islamism in South Asia.

The Making of a Tragedy Gujarat Files: We have at least one official inquiry headed by a former Supreme Court judge confirming this. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 5 November