March 23, 2020

FRAKO power factor correction (PFC) systems make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency and EMR , RM and RM use micro-. The reactive power control relay RM and RM respectively can be .. Model RM /12 Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO. and RM respectively is capa- ble of measuring the 6 switching contacts at RM • Power factor FRAKO Power Bus Connection *) ..

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If the frakk factor displayed does not correspond to the actual power factor, the identification of the connection must be repeated. Target power factor setting adjustable from 0. After frakko it is necessary to remove the short-circuit jumper on the current transformer, if present. Also a sealing ring is part of the protection kit, which must be used when installing the control relay in switchgear cabinets and cubicles of protection class IP The message continues to flash on the display.

Historical alarms alarms that are not pending at present are not reported at the alarm contact. This message is acknowledged automatically after about 30 seconds or can be acknowledged by pressing any key.

The control relay issues an alarm in the event of an error. The control relay creates a tolerance band or control band around its target in this case the target is to permit no reactive power.

Wait for more stable mains conditions or enter the response current and switching sequence manually. The response current has been programmed incorrectly. Control relay setup This means that the user mostly only needs to change the target power factor.

Functioning and operation activated, the control relay also checks the power of the capacitors connected. Only whole numbers can be entered as factors. If set to Off the response current setup code and the value of the switch outputs must fm programmed manually.


The highest setting value is followed by the lowest setting value again. Front view a Display for active capacitor stages f LED lights up in setup mode b Display for inductive or capacitive operating status g LED lights up in manual mode h Multifunctional button see operating instructions c Digital display d LED indicates regenerative power i Selection key for manual mode, setup mode or automatic mode e Display for current or historical alarms 4 Figure 2: The outputs of the switching contacts do not have floating potential.

If the ind LED lights up the alarm is permitted. Make sure that the connector terminals of the control relay are no longer accessible e. The current power factor appears in the digital display c. If the set value of this ratio is exceeded for at least one 21106 due to harmonic oscillations and resulting resonancerelated amplifications, then the control relay switches off all activated stages.

Power Factor Control Relays. After voltage is restored the control relay switches the required stages on. It should be noted that, even when operating as an alarm contact, this switching contact continues to have potential binding to the supply voltage of the control relay. Unstable mains supply strong power factor variation. Target power factor setting adjustable from 0. In the event of an alarm, switching contact 6 is closed.

As shown in connection diagrams 3 to 6. The 2160 general principles apply: This can be read under setup code but not altered. Fraio control relay is capable of calculating the ratio between the rms current and the fundamental wave current 50 – 60 Hz in the capacitor. Working in conjunction with a power factor correction system, the device controls the programmed target power factor by activating or deactivating capacitors.

The control relay can continue to operate with this connection. This type of connection offers a more precise measuring procedure for the overcurrent in the capacitor. The control relay may be cleaned only with a dry cloth.


No automatic switching activities are carried out in manual mode. The lowest measured power factor during the alarm is recorded as the cause of the alarm. The current power factor appears on the display. The device should always be switched off before carrying out wiring or installation activities.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM 2106/12

Stage rating Relative value 6. This requires that automatic connection identification should be activated. Their innovative control characteristics meet all the requirements of modern industrial networks and make these control relays suitable for all applications. For other mains currents or current transformers with unlisted primary or secondary current, the response current can be calculated according to the following formula: The procedure for checking or reprogramming the setting values is as follows: The commissioning and safety information for the power factor correction system should also be observed.

However, the control band levels off at low values of active power in order to avoid overcompensation.

The main connection methods are described below. As required Discharge time for the capacitors: The defect stages can be read out as the cause of the alarm. Fault in capacitor stages.

Relays Frako – Control Relays Manufacturer from Chennai

This takes place in setup mode and simultaneously requires the manual programming of the stage parameters see section 4. The switching sequence determined is also stored in the setup mode Programmable overcurrent alarm threshold limit from1. The maximum overcurrent factor Ieff.

This function only works if automatic response current identification is active. When automatic response current identification is switched onthe relative value is automatically determined by the control relay.