June 26, 2020

His Secrets Can Destroy Her. From the moment Josie laid eyes on sexy, mysterious Shane Dean, she was in love. Their desire ignited a passionate affair, and. FORGOTTEN SINS is now available for download! I thought it’d be fun to post Chapter 1 as a preview. So here it is: FORGOTTEN SINS. Chapter 1. After two months of marriage, Josie Dean’s husband, Shane, abandoned her, leaving her to take refuge in her accounting career. Two years.

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Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! His secrets can destroy her But her love can save him From the moment Josie laid eyes on sexy, mysterious Shane Dean, rebecda was in love.

Forgotten Sins | Rebecca Zanetti

Their desire ignited a passionate affair, and within weeks, Shane had slipped a ring on her finger. It seemed her every fantasy was coming true Now, two years and one broken heart later, Josie is shocked when the hospital calls: Shane has been found Shane can’t remember the blue-eyed angel at his bedside – or who he even is – but he knows something isn’t right.

His hearing is razor sharp, his physical strength incredible, and the urge to protect Josie overwhelming. For powerful enemies are hunting him, and Josie is the key to discovering why. Forhotten Shane struggles to unravel his past, dangerous rebecac truths come to light. Can he protect the only woman he’s ever loved? And can Josie trust a tebecca she thought she knew – one who carries such a deadly secret? For rebfcca addictive romantic suspense look out for the rest of the titles in the Sin Brothers series and the spin-off series, Blood Brothers: And for breathtaking passion played out against a dangerous race for survival, look for the titles in The Scorpius Syndrome series: New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Sind has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and sina hearing examiner – only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them.

She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances. Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides in the wild north with her husband, children, and extended family who inspire her every day – or at the very least give her plenty of characters to write about.

Visit Rebecca at www. Owen Nicholls’ Love, Unscripted is an uplifting love story, following film projectionist Nick as he tries to understand the difference between love on the silver screen and love in real life.

For Nick, love should look like it does on the big screen. And when he meets Ellie on the eve of the presidential election, it finally does. For four blissful years, Nick loved Ellie as much as he loved his job as a film projectionist in his local cinema.

But now it’sEllie has moved out and Nick’s trying to figure out where it all went wrong. With Ellie gone and his life falling part, Nick wonders if their romance could ever be as perfect as rebdcca night they met.

Can love really be as it is in the movies? From the author of the New York Times bestselling Stiletto and Oxford series, Passion on Park Avenue is the first in a sizzling new series following the unlikely forgottwn of three Upper East Side women as they struggle to achieve their dreams and find true love and happiness in the city that never sleeps.


For as long as she can remember, Bronx-born Naomi Powell has had one goal: Now, as the strong-minded, sassy CEO of one of the biggest jewellery empires in the country, Naomi finally has exactly what she wants – but it’s going to take more than just the right address to make Manhattan’s upper class stop treating her like an forgltten. The worst offender is her new neighbour, Oliver Cunningham – the grown son of zanftti very family Naomi’s mother used to work for.

Oliver used to torment Naomi when they were children, and as a ridiculously forgottwn adult, he’s tormenting her in entirely different ways. Now they find themselves engaged in a battle-of-wills that will either consume or zanetri them Filled with charm zaneti heart and plenty of heart and wit, this entertaining series will hook you from the very first page.

Want more fun, fresh, flirty and very sexy rom-com? Check out Lauren’s Oxford series and don’t miss her warm, witty and sexy Wedding Zanerti series and the I Do, I Don’t series, as well as the romantic standalones in the Love, Unexpectedly series. Unexpected is a unforgettable new friends-to-lovers romance from bestselling author Kelly Rimmer, in her Start Up in the City series, perfect for fans of Jill Shalvis and Nora Roberts.

Co-parenting with her best friend. What could go wrong? The next three decades of Abby Herbert’s life are as carefully planned out as the last three were.

Great friends, one of whom she lives with in a stunning TriBeCa apartment? Perfect man to share her dream family?

Forgotten Sins

Surely just a matter of time. But then she gets devastating news from her doctor – if she wants to get pregnant, she needs to get started on that by On the bright side, forgottsn has the perfect person in mind to be the father. Tech entrepreneur Marcus Ross has been harbouring decidedly not-friends feelings toward Abby.

He doesn’t want to lose her and, knowing his feelings are one-sided, he’s been trying to move znetti. When he learns about the curveball Abby’s just been hit with, he promises to be there for her however she wants him to be, even if the idea of fatherhood is a little complicated for him right now.

But it isn’t long until boundaries start to blur, and a deal struck between friends starts to turn into something perilously close to feelings that could change everything The glorious new rom-com from the author of the ebook bestseller Love to Hate You. Love funny, romantic stories? You don’t want to miss Jo Watson: Love burns white-hot in this first scorching romance in an all-new trilogy about a family of firefighters from the New York Times bestselling author of the Play-by-Play novels and the Hope series.

Firefighter Jackson Donovan doesn’t look back – as a rule. So when his past comes roaring back to life in the form of not-so-damsel-in-distress Becks Benning, the last thing he wants to do is relive old times. No matter how tempting she makes it seem Now thanks to his two interfering brothers, Becks is living with them while she looks dins a new place and tries to pick up the pieces of her tattoo business that went up in flames.

Which means a grown up, smokin’ hot Becks is in his house, sharing meals, and digging up old wounds. And despite his better judgement, the more time he spends with this smart, artistic, incredible woman the more he wants her in his bed – and his future.

Becks always had it bad for Jackson. Unfortunately for her, not much has changed – he’s still honorable, hard-working, sexy as sin – and closed off. But there’s more than one way to get to a man’s heart and if Jackson doesn’t want to recall old memories, she’ll just have to help him make new ones.


Because now that she’s found Jackson again, she’s not letting him go. Want more sexy romance? And check out Jaci’s gorgeously romantic Hope series beginning with Hope Flames.

He escaped the violence of his cult upbringing when he was just thirteen, and since then routine and discipline have been his way of making sense of the world. But when a petite blonde woman crashes into his life, he begins to realize that a little bit of chaos might not be so bad. Daisy Dawson has had more than her fair share of pain too – but she’s done being a victim.

Daisy’s determined to explore every new experience she can – including getting to know the dark and serious FBI investigator she meets when she fights off a masked attacker one night. It soon becomes clear that Daisy’s attack was just the beginning. Now the bloodied bodies of young women are showing up all over California, and, as Gideon tries to find the killer, it’s clear that Daisy is in more danger than they ever realised The perfect read for fans of Lucy Diamond and Katie Fforde.

Mimi isn’t looking for love when she spends a weekend in Goosebrook, the Cotswolds village her dad has moved to. And her first encounter with Cal, who lives there too, is nothing like a scene in a romantic movie – although she can’t help noticing how charismatic he is.

But Cal’s in no position to be any more than a friend, and Mimi heads back to her busy London life. When they meet again four years later, it’s still not to be.

Cal is focusing on his family, and Mimi on her career.

Then Cal dives into a potentially perfect new romance whilst Mimi’s busy fixing other people’s relationships. It seems as if something, or someone else, always gets in their way. Will it ever be the right time for zanethi of them? The joy of Jill’s novels: The seventh in New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis’s Heartbreaker Bay series, featuring her trademark gift for humour, warmth and romance. If rfbecca planning on falling in love you’d better be sure someone is there to catch you When it comes to the confident, charismatic Caleb Parker, Sadie Lane feels the spark – the kind that comes from rubbing each other the wrong way.

She’s yoga pants, he’s a suit. She’s a tattoo artist, he’s a straight-laced mogul. But after they accidentally co-rescue an abandoned dog from a storm, Sadie sees a vulnerable side to the seemingly invincible hottie. Caleb doesn’t do emotions. Growing up the underdog, he’s learned the hard way to build up an impenetrable wall.

He’s never worried about it before – not until he finally gets behind Sadie’s armor and begins to fall.

Both guarded and vulnerable, Sadie and Caleb are complete opposites. Shocked at their undeniable connection, can they ever admit to wanting more? That all depends on what they’re each willing to risk Want more warm, funny romance?

Sometimes all you need is a little push Olivia writes with great warmth and wit – forgotten fantastically funny debut. Georgia loves wine, reality TV and sitting on the sofa after work.