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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Eulis! the history of love: its wondrous magic, chemistry, rules, laws, modes, moods and rationale: being the third revelation of soul and sex. EULIS! THE HISTORY OF LOVIv. ITS WONDROUS MAGIC, CHEMISTRY, RULES, .. when loving lips meet lips that love, there is a magnetic discharge of.

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Eulis, the History of Love

Such antipodes cannot blend, because the girl is peach-downy, supple, oof, lithe and lightsome, but the man lithy, that is, limy, calcareous; and they cannot, will not mingle in any more intimate relations than that of father and daughter.

We are entering the dark realm of the slumbering ages. Returning, I caught her up, seated her jauntily on my head, and marched back to the lonely house on the hill, where I threw myself on the lounge, kissed this little child goodby, and, as she ran off ,ove home, at her little brother’s call, who was just then having dreadful trouble with his rabbits, I caught sight of a scintillant flash of white light issuant from her head, like the radiant gleam of a peerless diamond, when all the lamps are brightly burning; and a glowing, streaming iridescence flowed from her lips.

That euliis had enabled me to stave off a fit of jealous rage in sympathy with my friend; and now I was, through her again, about to learn one of the most important lessons of my life. When sealed there is no exudation of magnetic lymph, which must be present, else marital rites mean death to her sooner or later.

So sighs a singer of the day Whose pensive strain my sympathetic lay Sadly prolongs. The strongest force, mental power, and creative energy in the domains of science, art, philosophy, and literature everywhere, is invariably manifested by those who have the most loved and loving mother in them—people whose feminine or magnetic side entirely balances, or slightly overweighs the electric or masculine moiety of their being.

I had struggled so hard to get a fair hearing at the bar of the world, that many a time, in view of the cruel fact that I was met everywhere with suspicion, slander and malignant envy, I have bathed in the dark waters of depair; and but for, as I believe, the protecting lpve of the dead, whose loving hands either held me up in the bitter strife, or, failing to be able to do that, eased my falls—I should have rushed of my own art into the awful fields of eternity.

Just so is it impossible for us not to be made better or worse by lip touching. It was a fine one, though not the best or most costly; yet was capable of mighty things when in the humor; for, be it known, they, like watches, razors, locomotives and women, are very set in their ways, and will not work unless well treated, and coaxed besides; then they operate well enough, as did the one alluded to.

Thus certain foods or drinks generate an excess of caloric in the nervous ganglia of the reproductive system; a spark—spontaneous combustion—leaps thence to the brain, the soul catches fire, and hurls its masses of lurid flame through the cerebrum, cerebellum, spinal cord, ovaria, prostate eulsi, testes or vagina—and—draw the curtain o’er the dreadful scene!

But its laws, offices, utilities, and its deeper and diviner meanings are sealed books to all but about two in a million; yet they ought to have the attentive loev of every rational human being, every aspirant to immortality beyond the grave.

All sentient and non-sentient being is more or less pervaded, according to capacity, with what I may call the male and female aura or effluence of the great Supreme, the unknown and unknowable Deity; and all these incarnations of the original Life, save only the human, are distinctively and radically either wholly male or female.


A true negro never reaches a stage of mental development enabling lofe to master metaphysics; nor at maturity does he ever surpass in capacity hisgory adolescent average Anglo-Saxon; but in the power of maintaining love at high tide he can discount all the eilis races of the globe! It precedes both the semen and prostatic lymph: The garter was a girderwhich the lady dropped; and the true gentleman picked it up, pinned it to his breast, and challenged the world’s respect for himself and woman forever and forevermore.

In the non-human races the marriage office ihstory when the germ is lodged; but in the human being te offices only begin at that point; for its results continue, whether the rite be propagative or no, not only through an arc or chord of fleeting time; but they, the results, stretch away into and through the infinite and eternal spaces, and probably cease not, but endure forever and forever.

In the superstructures which have been erected at different periods, upon these foundations, one will often observe a pillar, here or there, called the Rose Croixor occasionally hear the mystic name Eulis, softly pronounced. The philosophers of my day were generally blind to, or oblivious of, the fact that the greatest degree of human excellence in offspring can never be attained, even though the parents are physically perfect; but that a wife every way inferior except in love, loving and being loved, will give the world such children as will prove themselves, indeed, truly great, and grandly good.

Give her that, and she’ll make your eyes glisten at the beauty of the work she does; deprive her of it, and crab apples are the result; and a human crab is the gnarliest and most bitter fruit in all God’s garden.

He gathered round him his disciples, and looked beyond at their followers; they extended in every direction, as far as eye could reach, surging like the waves of the sea, when tossed by tempests,—and with all the deep undertones and mutterings of the ocean.

She was gaily chatting with her paramour, a gallant young fellow, who stood near her, and on whom she gazed with unutterable tenderness, volupty and love. Let justice rule on both sides; for she was unwise, while your illness tortures things out of shape, till mere phasmas assume forms as solid in appearance as the very truth itself; and it mav be that your anxiety and sympathy may have conjured up a lie; and this apparently recusant woman really be as unsoiled as the down upon the ring-dove’s breast, or the spotless plume of an angel’s wing!

But a human, canine, equine, bovine, or any other bisexed lovee is an utterly impossible thing, all those affirming to the contrary notwithstanding. Not such as lie a hiistory out of his manhood, run him in debt, empty his purse, and histofy him of his peace, until he actually jeopardizes his soul’s salvation,—pretending to love him, but meaning not one word hiistory it,—laughing at him in the sleeve, and triumphing in the knowledge of how smart she was, how great a fool was he.

No, I did not histoory that—it was my alter ego encountering myself! This generates discord and despair, general unhappiness, and is almost sure to drive the man to the house of the strange Woman, and his wife either to insanity, the grave, or the arms of a lover who can affiliate with her to some extent, at least upon the external or mainly sensuous plane; and the upshot of the matter is divorce and two wretched lives.

I shall allude to other colors in another section. Finally, the most masculine man adores at the female shrine, and his god is far more she than he; while the most feminine woman worships the most masculine man. Let me tell you, reader, how and why this is so. In the lower kingdoms nature does euulis best to produce a superior grade of body.

Dan Clore rated it really liked it Nov 13, In proof of the truth of these statements, and of how I had to struggle, the world is challenged to find a line of my thought in the whole 4, books on Rosicrucianism; among the brethren of that Fraternity—and I know many such in various lands, and was, till I resigned the office, Grand Master of the only Temple of the Order on the globe; or in the Ansairetic works, English, German, Syriac or Arabic. Stirpiculture, or the rearing of better children, will never succeed upon agricultural, stock-farm, or barnyard principles.

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Take the real or ideal Nazarene, per examplewho perished for loving mankind in his 49th year [ see Bunsen ]; or, going back of his alleged times, leap the chasmal years to the Bo-Tree man, kf scores of others equally good, if not so famous; and whenever you find a great soul in a male body, depend upon it he is more than half mother; for it is the woman side of such people that gives them power, genius, mental pith, and enables them to write their names in adamantine letters uistory the grand facade of the universal human temple!

G marked it as to-read Jan 03, I know your heart is bleeding, that hot tears eulid streaming down your face, that your poor soul is sweltering amidst the tortuous flames of the fiercest hell of jealousy; yet why?

Eulis! the History Of Love by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Free her, and they twain will likely wed. And even Eulis, itself, is a triplicate of body, spirit, soul. Conceptions occurring in the morning hours are a myriad degrees better than when that event occurs at other periods. In all the other cases there was either too much body, too much spirit, and too little or no soul at all.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

Mustafa Al-Laylah rated it really liked it Mar 24, We have left the land of the probable, and are journeying in the regions of the possible. He did not know that the strange, new, exciting hiistory meant death ejlis his home-love, desolation to his hearth-stone, isolation to his heart, and ruin to his happiness; yet it did and does, and eternally will, because it is scortatory, malign, fiery, and while it effectually displaces and kills home-love, it fails to satisfy; and its end is bitter ashes.

They reduced the laws of nature to form a creed, and they made a golden calf of some special physical force, and fell down to worship it. Happiness is out of the question, and the cases exceedingly rare where they produce anything historg misery. Terrie marked it as to-read Feb 11, We will discover that others have borne our burdens lovee had no hope of receiving our reward; that knowledge is universal, and has no royal road; and that they were as wise in the wisdom of their generation, as we are in lkve.

Seizing all at a lovd, the society is reorganized; no more to dream, but to work; no more to wait for the human race to accomplish its destiny, but to assist in its accomplishment; euljs offer her bosom to the unfortunate; to raise the fallen; to succor the oppressed; to interpose her form between the tyrant and the slave; to lead the van in the great fight.

In the normal, proper nuptive union, a term I invent expressive of the most sacred and intimate fact of marriage, there is a certain amount of the male vital life in fluid form semen voided; exactly the same by actual weight or volume may be wasted in a lascivious dream,—a spontaneous ejection of superfluous vital force in the same form; 3d, the same may be lost by the abominable conjugal fraud; or by the heinous sin against one’s self—solitary vice.