May 21, 2020

Ergonomía 4. El trabajo en oficinas. Front Cover. Pedro R. Mondelo, Enrique Gregori Torada, Oscar De Pedro González, Miguel A. Gómez Fernández. Ergonomia 4 by Pedro R. Mondelo at – ISBN – ISBN – Alfaomega Grupo Editor – – Softcover. Results 1 – 30 of 47 ERGONOMÍA 2 by Pedro R. Mondelo and a great selection of related books, art and Ergonomia 4 (Spanish Edition): Mondelo, Pedro R.

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Each of them is divided into different aspects that must be taken into account when carrying out this kind of study.

Most of software designed to evaluate workplace conditions can only be used by experts. At this point you have the option, if you detect any mistake in the data entered or simply if you want to update it, to make some changes. The first step is where it requires the name of the working centre and the password; AuditERGO permits to assess different workplaces that pertain to different business. In this section, several psychosocial factors closely related to the way the work is organised are included.

After the analysis of such problematic, the proposal of a TOOL is justified, so that students may learn about the ergonomic aspects of their seat designs. This process was followed by students, who had broadened their knowledge in that matter. Diagonal, planta Barcelona, Spain llimona oe. These circumstances may be presented by taking into account the conditions under which they occur, and by designing workplaces correctly, instead of trying to reduce accident ergonomiaa or damage.

Lomas del Campestre, C. The main problem that it has is that if some technical changes must be done in the workplace, a technician is required. We think that it is good for a business and the workers that everyone in an organisation knows about ergonomics and occupational risk prevention.


The last part when running the program is to print or view on the screen the final inform. They try to find which are the problems that the worker has in his own workplace. This problem requires a previous evaluation of the workplace if we want to adapt the workplace to the person or group of persons that are going to pedrl the working day there.

It does not publish reviews, bibliographical revisions, or professional applications. Article Tools Print this article. A design manual Clark, T.

On the top of the screen you can see the name of the factor and the specific item that you are studying, and the name of the worker, which appears in every screen. This first main factor has two aspects to consider: As a part of the Industrial Design program at the UDLSB, the subject of Furniture Design attempts to involve students into general problematics concerned to the furniture area, without looking for a strict specialization in each study case.

It is possible to predict some specific circumstances that can lead to serious accidents. Editor responsible for updating this issue: The present research contemplated four phases in general.

AuditERGO: a software for the ergonomic assessment of workplaces

Barcelona Applied ergonomics handbook Galer, I. Copyright for exclusive use No. The way that the program has been made allows to assess each factor independently; it is not necessary to assess all the aspects of the workplace consecutive.

Secondly, AuditERGO represents a good reference in ergonomics, because there is much theoretical content in it. The last factor to take into account in the workplace assessment is the environment.

When a factor is selected, then appears a screen, depending on the factor that has been clicked, which permits you to assess aspects more concretes of the workplace. This program is a good tool to help the worker himself or someone else to assess a workplace. We have divided this section into two groups: With the results of the case in matter, the mechanics of the product-user relationship were analyzed and according to these, previous adjustments were recommended for a definite prototype, warning to prevent health risks due to a bad posture caused by an ergonomic deficiency in its design.


To know in which specific items the worker has ergonomic problems, you should go further, as if you wanted to assess the workplace, then you would see a screen similar to the one in figure 4. The first one was focused into the contextual frame and the straight relationship between the subject and the program of Industrial Design of the UDLSB, as well as pedrp analysis of the main problem according to the learning method managed by the students inside the subject of Furniture Design USERS It is ergonomis, even when an age, sex or ethnic homogenous group is taken, that human beings are different in shapes and in body measures.

In this section five factors will be analysed: For a further study of a work place, a qualified technician is required.

Pedro R. Mondelo (Author of Ergonomia 3 – Diseno de Puestos de Trabajo 2b* Ed.)

The idea of this screen is the same of the last one, in a moment you can have an idea of how the situation ofthe workplace is. We are aware of these limitations since this program has been conceived to help ergonomics reach every simple workplace. The first time you run the program for a worker, all the factors in his main screen appear eegonomia white.

Indeed, it has some limitations; it is certainly not as technical as we would wish, but it contains the main questions related to ergonomics. ISSN – Focus on aesthetics and comfort!