October 12, 2020

ENDO Balancers – Features and Benefits. 3. Specification Data Sheet. 4. Balancer Summary Chart. 5. Spring Balancer Safety Features. 6. Application Guidelines. ERP Series Spring Balancers. Standard features include: Endo Spring Balancers. Page 2. CHAINS Spring Balancers. Capacity Min. (kg). Capacity Max. Features: Strong, lightweight aluminium body. Easy maintenance with interchangeable kit parts. Tapered drum for exact torque retraction across the full stroke.

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The exposed part of the drum is minimized to ensure worker safety. Unique solution for feed-back tools.

Endo Spring Balancers

Powered by a spring and does not require electricity or compressed air as a driving force. Tapered drum, quality sping and bearings provides smooth cable travel throughout the stroke.

For suspending electrical devices, jigs, tools, and materials for processed goods. Quality ball bearings provide smooth operation Stroke: Balancing device for various kinds of equipment. The reel comes with a standard 6.

In the event that a spring breaks, an automatic centrifugal brake engages and locks, preventing damage to the tool. The long cable travel of the ER model workies well for hanging push button pendant stations and similar devices. It is ideal for pendant switches and similar devices.

Possible business week lead time based on factory stock. Plastic drum, which reduced the powder from rope abrasion Replaceable wire rope Fall arrest device to keep tools from falling if the spring breaks Riveted spring to enhance the safety of spring replacement Fully enclosed housing. The manual drum lock keeps the drum from rotating to allow easy change out and maintenance of tools.


Enndo suitable for loading and unloading. The cable is affixed with the “Plug-Type” cable set. Applications Suspension-type electric hand tools. Air Tool Balancer A balance function has been added to the sprinh reel.

It also has a gauge for adjustment with respect to the suspended mass.

Flexible operation is possible as stable balance can be achieved at any height. Try to utilize the upper range of the balancer capacity range. All ENDO balancers have an exclusive 18 month warranty!

Entire Site Products Only. Tension adjustment that is easy and precise High impact plastic case Forged Steel Swivel Hook Exclusive 18 month warranty. Exclusive 18 month limited warranty Endo spring tool balancers offer true zero gravity, with no drifting or strain Tapered drum, quality springs and bearings provides smooth cable travel throughout the stroke Cast aluminum case and a forged swivel hook. The distance the severed cable will travel before the centrifugal brake engages is mm 3.

Additionally, the casing is fully enclosed, eliminating any potential pinch points around the drum. Plain Trolley When attached to a beam, this trolley enables smooth horizontal movement by hand.


Endo XA-ELF Long Stroke Spring Balancer Capacity lbs

These trolleys can also be fitted with rubber bumpers for further protection. Tension adjustment is easy and precise. The tapered drums, quality springs, and ball bearings provide smooth cable travel throughout the stroke.

Used to suspend a constant load EWA-series has a fully enclosed housing and a plastic wire guide set. The specific features of the “‘Y” version: When choosing a balancer, selection is based upon the total weight to be balanced tool and all accessories and sprihg requirements.

Spring Balancer

Choose your options then “Add to Cart” below. When suspended loads are exchanged frequently.

The ENDO spring balancer and tool balancer line includes many useful accessories as well. Air Tool Spring Balancers provide a safer and more organized workplace by eliminating the need for an air supply hose and a separate cable balancer. This type is equipped with the fall-arrest feature. They feature fully enclosed housing, fall-arrest device auto-brakeand manual drum locks. ERP tension adjustment is accomplished with the integrated handle system.

Tool Hose Balancer This product has an increased air flow rate with a larger hose inner diameter compared to Air Tool Balancer.