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Problemas del realismo – Georg Lukács El asalto a la razón. La trayectoria del irracionalismo desde Schelling hasta Hitler – Georg Lukács. by Lu ka qi; Georg Lukacs.; Wang jiu xing.;. Print book. Chinese El asalto a la razón: la trayectoria del irracionalismo by György Lukács · El asalto a la razón . (). Introduccion General a la Historia de Derecho. Barcelona, Gedisa. LESSIG , , , , , LUKACS, Georg. (). El asalto a la razon.

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It encompasses the full totality of his universe. And even when he It was solely the abstract fact of the anticipation which determined the formal affinity. But such talk was growing increasingly apologetic and dissembling, becoming more and more obliged to hush up, gloss over and misrepresent the actual facts of social life and their immanent contradictions.

Where they do not jump across to the overtly social sphere, as in the above passage, they proceed along well-known Machist lines. We have already quoted several important comments by Nietzsche on this subject in the previous paragraph.

Nietzsche to Baron von Gersdorff, Not only in a French asqlto also in a European context, the battle of June in the revolution had already signified the turning-point. Nietzsche said of this pessimism of strength: Admittedly this was le so up to a point. In criticizing Hegel without knowing him even superficially, Schopenhauer was once again a forerunner of bourgeois decadence.

Kierkegaard, for instance, contested Hegel with a far finer intellectual apparatus. From it he drew such conclusions as these: They have the function of removing all moral restraints with a view to the ruthless termination of this social conflict. These latter names apart, the period between and was rife with significant transitional figures who, while their work does reflect features of the decline, were in no wise party to it with regard to the central substance of their output e.

Although backward-looking inferences inevitably resulted from their critique, which was only partially accurate, their correct critical observations are of significance in the history of philosophy nonetheless. Although he did not polemicize against it, he drew on it in his explanations far less often. This is not an irrelevant question; indeed it is central both to his influence on basically Left-oriented circles and to his role in fascist ideology.


Then the meeting which was prevented from taking place egorg Bismarck and Nietzsche will be a yeorg accompli strong enough to withstand all attacks by hostile powers. This alone enabled him to comprehend and define prevailing tendencies because, lacking any understanding of capitalist economics, he was solely capable of observing, describing and expressing the symptoms of the superstructure.

And thus, along with Wagner and Bismarck, Schopenhauer too came more and more within the area of that decadence he wanted to conquer. It is clear, however, that after the Adam Smith doctrine had itself foundered on the real facts of capitalism, it could only be preserved in economics in the shape of popular economics starting with Sayand in ethics and sociology in the form of direct apologetics for capitalism starting with Bentham.

But for such people, Nietzsche is only a transitional stage on the way to socialism.

The Destruction of Reason by Georg Lukacs

Apologetic aims aside, his ignorance of the socio-economic differences between two ages necessarily led to this romantic idealism. By rejecting any criterion of truth other than usefulness for the biological survival of the individual and the specieshe became an important precursor of imperialist pragmatism. Jahrhundert Kritik der Idealistischen Vernunft: Moreover, Nietzsche rightly said in a later draft of the preface to his debut work on the Dionysian principle: Dionysos is the mythical symbol for this turn among the ruling class.

In the last resort he has the strength of numbers in his favour. But it is of the very essence of Nietzschean philosophy that all this can be only a prelude.

Neither in purely logical nor in general philosophical terms did Nietzsche surmount this irrationalist barrier either. And at the same time he could answer all these questions, or at least indicate the answers, in such a way that out of gazon his subtleties and fine nuances, it was possible for the robust and reactionary class insignia of the imperialist bourgeoisie to emerge.

Die Zerstörung der Vernunft der Weg des Irrationalismus von Schelling Zu Hitler

In this light the romantic dream of a culturally highly-developed ruling stratum, representing at lykacs same time an indispensable barbarity, takes on a special colouring. A deliberate systematization means a lack of honesty. Only out of the resulting chaos could his ideal arise: Very special measures must be taken to prevent this. They would do so in the conviction that the poets would have plenty to celebrate again.


That the idea of recurrence figures in several earlier episodes does not affect the under lying construction. We know eo that the demise of the system in bourgeois gworg prompted the outbreak of a bottomless relativism and agnosticism, as though the now obligatory renunciation of idealist systematizing were at the same time to mean renouncing the objectivity of knowledge, a real coherence of the actual world, and the possibility of knowing this.

Once more the Prussian victory was his point of departure. Now as a diviner of the cultural psyche, as aesthetician and moralist, Nietzsche was perhaps the cleverest and most versatile exponent of this decadent self-knowledge. Maybe mankind will perish in the process! Luoacs all rzzon passed for morality! Directly after the fall of the Paris Commune he wrote to his friend, Baron von Gersdorff:. And it was by no means limited to the reactionary part of the intelligentsia. The stupidity, at bottom the degenerate instinct, which today is the cause of all stupiditiesrests in the fact that there is a worker problem at all.

This process took place before the horrified eyes of the sl great realist namely Nietzsche, G. In books on Nietzsche there was at one time a violent controversy as to whether and how far Nietzsche should be considered a Darwinist. Nietzsche was frequently associated with the Romantic movement. If Nietzsche had stressed the role of slavery in Greek culture merely from the historical standpoint, this perfectly correct observation would be of no great importance; he himself referred to Friedrich Wolf, who had made it before him.

No categories specified categorize this paper. In its farrago of pseudo-science and wild fantasy, this doctrine has caused many Nietzsche interpreters a lot of embarrassment.