December 29, 2019

El efecto Lucifer has ratings and reviews. El renombrado psicólogo social Philip Zimbardo tiene el cómo –y la multitud de porqués– de nuestra. El efecto Lucifer has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Paidós, Paperback. The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil is a book which includes professor Philip Zimbardo’s first detailed, . En suma, aún cuando El Efecto Lucifer está escrito en inglés, su lenguaje sencillo y coloquial facilita su.

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Kazdin James H. Hebb Neal E.

Philip Zimbardo

It is such a a chore to even skim through it! Archived from the original on No trivia or quizzes yet. Zimbardo’s contributions include the interpretation of scientific research into the roots of compassion, altruism, and peaceful human relationships.

I bought it under the impression that I would be reading how good people can turn evil. That is further evidenced by him writing this book and then having a movie made of it. Bersoff Nadine Kaslow Barry S. Through an exploratory component factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, internal consistency and validity tests demonstrated that SIS was a reliable and valid construct of measuring military socialization.

El efecto Lucifer by Philip G. Zimbardo (1 star ratings)

One doesn’t know until they are put in that kind of situation like Victor Frankle as to what kind of person they are really capable of being. Miller Paul E.


Archived phlip the original on September 18, He wanted zimbarvo be able to say that college students, people from middle-class backgrounds—people will turn on each other just because they’re given a role and given power. The participants knew that an audience was watching, and so a lack of feedback could be read as tacit approval. In the prison-conscious autumn ofwhen George Jackson was killed at San Quentin and Attica erupted in even more deadly rebellion and retribution, the Stanford Prison Experiment made news in a big way.

Retrieved June 20, The New York Times. If you have ever taken even a basic psych class, don’t expect any new revelations.

El efecto Lucifer by Gershell Lopez on Prezi

Zimbardo wrote the foreword to the second edition of Shirran’s book on zimbarfo subject. This led him to write the book The Lucifer Effect.

The subject of this book is fascinating to me but the writing style just couldn’t hold my interest. Retrieved June 21, Journal of Personality and Individual Difference. Again it shows what kind of character he is and how far he will take things.


Know what else is showing? It provides absolutely ZERO understanding of how good people can be convinced to do evil things- only constant assertions that everyone you included will. But then he goes off on a lucifet diatribe about the George Bush Administration. One star may be a bit harsh, but my bottom line with a book is – did I enjoy it? Journal of Loss and Trauma.

I couldn’t even get through his notes. Zimbardo has said these negative experiences early in life triggered his curiosity about people’s behavior, and later influenced his research in school.

El efecto Lucifer

Archived [Date mismatch] at the Wayback Philil. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Berkeley — Department of Psychology. The book includes over 30 years of subsequent research into the psychological and social factors which result in immoral acts being committed by otherwise moral people.

I hated this book on all levels.