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Results 1 – 10 of 26 Find eDocFile software downloads at CNET , the most Process TIFF images with OCR, convert to Bates Stamped PDF files. eDocFile Tiff to Text is free to download from our software library. The current setup file available for download requires MB of hard. You may want to check out more software, such as eDocfile Inc Barcode Batch Separator, eDocFile Tiff to Text or eDocFile Inc. Tiff to PDF.

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Tif to Text III Monitored folder and Batch OCR Conversion with

Simple Barcode Filing A simple cost effective method for filing structured documents with barcodes, it is ideal for filing accounting records. It can be used on the output from a copier to make the scanned images searchable from the search engine in Windows XP Tiff to PDF Batch processes folders and subfolders of tif images with the output being text searchable PDF files.

Tiff to Text Batch processes folders and subfolders of tiff images with the output being text files that match the scanned image. Without question this OCR engine is one of the five best in the World, and is available in different languages. It also processes tif tifff that were received in the discovery process or were batch scanned by other software.

All Orders are processed via Pay Pal Your key will arrive within 24 hours, for quicker service please call With Tiff to Text if discovery documents arrive on a CD the user just copies the files to a folder on their hard drive, edocfiile an output folder and lets the software do it’s job.

This program is designed to produce high quality OCR text files from tif images for research purposes. Other uses for this product are all related to research projects where the quality of OCR text is important but where the formatting is not. An average CD contains up to 10, images and they can be processed at an average of pages per hour. File by OCR Reads the in an image file or searchable PDF and uses it deocfile rename the file or build a database from the documents contents.


This program does not include scanning software. It only processes images after they have been scanned. Searching the text in the PDF. It can also limit the search by index data in the Author, Subject, Title and Keywords in a files properties.

Searchable TIFF (Microsoft Document Imaging)

Tiff Numbering B atch process Tiff Images into images that are stamped with a file name without obstructing data on the image. It’s extremely easy to install and operate: This translates into pages per hour.

The output will be a matching file folder structure with either the tif image along with a matching text file created from the OCR or just the text file. Visit dtsearch website To use Tiff to PDF the user only has to input four items, the folder where the images are stored, the output folder, whether or not to process sub folders and whether or not to duplicate the file folder structure.

Just stack the files with blank pages separating them. Until now law firms needed expensive software to get high quality OCR output done in a batch process.

Tjff Page Remover allows a user to process a mixture of simplex and duplex documents with the output being a file edofcile no blank pages.

Making searching for pages acceptable, but not for searching the words on the open page. With Tiff to Text the user has the option of processing all of the tif images in a file folder as well as tif images in all subfolders. Batch Scan to eMail Batch Scan to eMail, ftp sites or file folders and notify a user on the documents arrival.

When a mark is found the file is separated. Edocfille PDF output will contain the text on the page, but will not be aligned with the words. Instead of scanning one file at a time to e-mail on a copier the user can stack the edoocfile with bar code separator pages and take full advantage of the copiers speed. Finding which one can be time consuming and difficult. If the discovery documents arrive as paper files the user can use the scan to file option on their copier tif have the output tif images OCR’d.

Batch Scan to e-Mail Allows the user to Productively distribute files via e-mail. Tiff to Text is easy to setup as the user only has to enter the input folder and output folder along with some simple choices.


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Tiff to Text Brochure. Tiff to Text Batch processes folders and subfolders of tiff images with the output being text files. Blank Page Splitter Stack your files with blank pages separating them and when scanned on a copier the end result will be separate files.

Please note that when searching the output the user will be taken to the page that contains the word, however the word will not be highlighted.

Batch processes folders and subfolders of tif images with the output being text searchable tif images. Multi Print Distributed Printing for tiff images that allows go file to be archived as edocfiile PDF and printed on multiple printers in one step. Automatically converts faxes to PDF files and forwards them to an email address Fax Router Quickly distribute faxes and PDF Files to email addresses, printers and file folders using rules. The software will create a log of missing files and copy the original to a Failed File folder for reprocessing manually.

It can be used on the output from a copier to make the PDF files searchable. Mark Separator A software that monitors folders for multi-page tiff images, when an image is found each page is checked tifg a mark in a specified location. Tiff Numbering Stamp Tiff images with a number without obstructing and part of the image in a batch process.

When processed the result will be separate files. This average was calculated on typical single page discovery document in a G4 tiff format. Searching the text in the PDF Although the user can search using Acrobat or the search engine in Windows the user ticf have to install the iFilter from Adobe to do this dtSearch is the recommended search engine for these files.

That has changed with Tiff to Text costing less than what it costs to convert eodcfile CD of discovery documents to a text format. The software is very simple to use and reasonably fast, our tests showed an average page taking about 4 seconds.