February 9, 2020

VW doesn’t give up on diesel engines, unveils EA Evo TDI family with mild hybrid drive. The new liter engine will have outputs ranging. EA engine family is based on EA engine family. EA diesel shares displacement, cylinder spacing, stroke and bore ratio with. The all new EA common rail turbo diesel from VW is a 2L torque monster that meets the toughest next generation mg/mi particulate emissions targets set.

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Send a private message to Sunnyb. Archived from the original on 29 October Wikimedia Commons has media related to Scania engines. But, one has to go.

Polymer firm DSM has developed a lightweight plastic crankshaft cover using bio-derived feedstocks. The series comprises six cylinder – V-engines with 3. Volkswagen of America Inc. This transport-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

The cover, produced by Tier One supplier Kaco, includes two integral seals and is used on Volkswagen’s EA engine family. The 05 Prius is staying in our family for the long run. Your Leaf is a wonderful example of a commuter electric, but that’s all it is. August 19th, I’ve got one of each, and by laws the days are finally drawing near when it’ll be time to send one back to VW. Lower costs per mile and dramatic emissions reductions are realized through the use of the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology developed by Toyota.


Furthermore, VW says frictional losses, heat losses, and engine weight have been reduced. Find More Posts by kjclow.

Subaru diesel and v6 3. Originally Posted by oilhammer. Just like its 4. The will do 48mpg, but it takes some work.

And internally if it is pumping water if there is no juice of it’s not connected?? Matthew Kessing December 3, at Possibly easier to delete if necessary as they lack integration with the oil pump, unlike the EA Oil pump – I give this one to the EA for simplicity’s sake. September 17th, Scania Great Britain Limited. However, the in the Passat has an oil filter accessible from the top in a much more convenient place.

September 12th, I will be giving our Leaf S back to Nissan soon when the lease ends because charging it is too slow and inconvenient where I live and work.

List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines

The truth is that I will probably not drive 10,mi per year, and so my actual fuel costs would be lower than calculated. Water pump – Another one for the EA for simplicity as well. On some engines, it is vacuum operated with a duty cycled solenoid. Originally Posted by oilhammer I’d keep ’em both. At its launch in the Volkswagen Hdiit became the most powerful diesel-engined car in the world.


Because of this, the term ‘red I’ has entered into automotive technicians parlance. The engines are produced by Audi Hungaria Zrt.

All listed engines operate on the four-stroke cycleand unless stated otherwise, use a wet sump lubrication system, and are water-cooled.

I’d keep ’em both. I have even conjured up ways to cobble together a eq288 generator with a v 30A EVSE cord to build a portable tow behind Level II charger solution that would enable range extended road trips in the Leaf.

Which TDI is “better” the EA or the EA? – TDIClub Forums

The engine includes 2 turbochargers, volt electrical system, 7kW electric compressor [22]Bosch CRS 3. Emitec developed close-coupled selective catalytic reduction systems used in the EA engines. Thanks for the insight on the new engine. Pulling on more than 40 years of TDI refinement and a modern clean technology philosophy, the latest engine leverages clean technologies to deliver TDI power in an environmentally responsible way.

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