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Upper A-arm’s length is adjustable, allow serious racers like you to fine tune camber.

Very little plastic on this truck. This refers to a lipos maximum discharge rating, and is a multiple of its capacity. To ensure even discharging on each system, it is a nice idea to use a parallel d.

Skip to main content. A 50watt charger will drop to around 3.

E-maxx clutch headset and wheel choice

The stock suspension arms are pretty sound, but RPM offer some nice upgrade items that are almost unbreakable. This is important as some chargers have a lower wattage rating than others, and therefore must lower their charge current in amps when charging a high voltage battery pack, in order to stay within that wattage rating, EG: The shocktowers are known to snap in these upside-down-truck situations, and the quick fix is to use some zip-ties to hold the broken halves together.

For Sale – Traxxas E-Maxx The advantage here is that a larger hex diameter is less prone to stripping out inside the wheel- you will obviously require a wheel or rim that uses the same size hex as the one on the truck.

Simple solution is to tighten the slipper fully, though this does add more stress to the driveline resulting in broken driveshafts mmaxx diffs. There is an old rule of thumb regarding temps which many will find handy no-doubt: Oct 06, Show less Show more.


The Traxxas E-Maxx is equipped with an oil-filled ultra shock absorber system to ensure stability on rugged surfaces. Has the traxxas aluminum shocks with gold shafts. And by handling, I mean accelerating from a stand still, turning through corners at speed,and landing from jumps etc. There are a great many brands out there, so choosing the best for your needs is somewhat tricky sometimes. FLM and UE sell towers with multiple mounting positions for the shocks, allowing much more fine tuning over the stock towers, and the RPM towers that only have one upper mounting position.

This Traxxas truck has nylon tires, which ensure performance even when you race in the roughest and muddiest conditions. If not mentioned in the listings, be sure to pick up a programming card or box or find a listing that has one included for a small price bump- well worth it: All that is required is a pair of Traxxas VXL systems, a servo Y-harness to join both escs to the single throttle slot on the receiversome suitable sized pinions must be the same tooth count and a little effort.

Not for use on the new gray chassis extended E-Maxx.

Lastly, the C rating thing. Trending Price New. Truck has quite a few upgrades that I see. With the help of EVX electronic speed control in this radio controlled truck, you can control the speed both in forward and reverse directions.

It is important not to overheat any battery, or to miss-treat it, as this can lead to ruptured cells or blown endcaps. They can be purchased easily by buying a Dewalt 36v battery pack on Ebay, and then following one of the online tutorials which demonstrate how to turn them into RC packs.


Emaxx 3906

The uses special 17mm hexes to withstand the torque of the MMM system. Some of which are the bottom plate, shocks, etc. Hpi monster truck racing wheels Steel U-joint Slider Driveshaft. Additional Product Features Drive Train.

Color may not match other anodized components. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Skid plates The stock skids do a good job of protecting the underside of the truck, but the front and rear skids also work to tie the bulkheads and chassis braces together, and a stronger material than plastic is required ideally the mild-steel brace between the skid and the bulks does very little for rigidity.

Traxxas E-Maxx 3906 Radio Controlled Truck

Works in both brushed and brushless systems. I built macx from a kit. Over charging is very dangerous, as lipo cells contain a lot of energy, and overheating them can be a serious fire-hazard, hence the items called ‘lipo sacks’ that should be used to contain any possible damage caused by a burning lipo.

Beyond this there are alloy shocks which are much more robust, but also generally mazx more expensive, and also shocks with threaded bodies, which allow for an even greater degree of tuning. May not match other anod The KV rating will depend on your voltage, but as a general rule again: You will need motor or motors and esc and 3 channel