May 31, 2020

Specifically designed to improve efficiency, eta/DYNAFORM reduces the tryout time and costs that are associated with the design and development of the tooling . eta / DYNAFORM is the only stamping product and die development technology software to provide total CAE solutions. DYNAFORM software provides total. eta-dyna-logo. DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution, which allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs.

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I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The original blank is automatically corrected during the iteration to obtain the exact product shape, and the product shape ultimately matches the target trimming line.

E ngineering T echnology A ssociates. Baosteel provides 9 categories of material parameters for all grades of sheet metal. Get Best Price Request a quote. All travel curves are automatically generated and multiple-stations can be setup seamlessly. The accurate material yielding trajectory combined with the non-linear isotropic-follower reinforcement material model can greatly enhance the forming and springback prediction of the accuracy.

Springback Analysis of a car beam Industry: These products are usually small parts, but require relatively high precision. The entire production line can be simulated; can also simulate part under the action of the deformation of the robot. During stamping die outsourcing, consider the module material cost, mold quotes provide a great convenience. Stamping force Can be mapped to the die structure for stress, strength, fatigue analysis, thus optimizing the structure.


DYNAOFRM is widely used in household appliance industry fields such as kitchen utensils, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions etc. Liufeng believes that the use of DYNAFORM technology can effectively predict defects in performance and improve the quality of die development and reduce product development cycle. BSE automatic forming reports 7. The method of iteration is used to optimize the dimension of the sheet.

In the process of determining the process parameters: The simulation results show: Analysis and surface quality inspection.

It has following functional modules: Reverse Three Dimensional Trimming line: Springback Analysis of a car beam. The FLD forming limit diagramthinning map, wrinkling, material draw-in, circular grid, light strip and skid mark results identify weaknesses of the die design. Get in Touch with us Digital Design Solutions. FS includes a QuickSetup for standard single-stage draw die and eha simulations.

BSE-Supports the formation of nesting, drawing layout, mixed layout. Forming Analysis of Parts of Automobile Industry: Hot-Forming analysis can simulate the most advanced hot stamping process, including: Forming Analysis of Parts of Automobile.

ETA/Dynaform Sheet Metal Simulation Software | ID:

Mold structure is reasonable, and die fatigue analysis. Air-conditioned shell forming analysis wrinkling. Year of Establishment Not only supports the use of volume simulation dynafofm metal forming, but also supports the use of volume simulation tube forming.

The real rib simulation is more consistent with the actual forming state, which provides a reliable guarantee for springback prediction and springback compensation.

The mesh information of the solid bar can be used for simulation; the user can export the solid drawbead directly to the CAD software catia, UG, etc. It is found that the Bauschinger effect has a significant impact on the forming and springback of ultra-high-strength steels such as DP and TRIP steels. The Formability Simulation module uses LS-DYNA for accurate physics modeling, efficient calculation and in-depth simulation of the formability based on the die design.


It streamlines the challenging and time consuming process of laying out drawbeads for large and complicated parts and guides the engineer to efficiently achieve optimum configurations for drawbead forces.

Air-conditioner shell forming analysis wrinkling.

ETA/Dynaform Sheet Metal Simulation Software

It is used in aerospace sheet metal parts, mostly of large scale. Blank and Trim Line Development. Product springback larger circumstances, relying on the mold process and structure has been difficult to produce products to meet the demand, so the current springback compensation is an indispensable tool in the development of mold means. This feature streamlines die design, improves product performance and reduces manufacturing time by using simulation iterations as a search engine for the best dynafofm design solution.

Accounting Software in Gurgaon. Get best deals for coconut. Material Library To maintain accuracy, the bundled material library contains a large selection of standard material types and users can also customize the library to fta specific needs such as: