September 12, 2020

Read the latest magazines about Dorina and discover magazines on . Didactica psihologiei – Dorina Salavastru – Asociatia Profesorilor din. Etichete: Anticariat, Didactica Psihologiei Perspective Teoretice Si Metodice ( Salavastru) – cuprins, Dorina Salavastru, Editura Polirom, Metodica predarii. -melania-antoaneta-sarbu-didactica-limbii-si-literaturii-romane-in-clasele- dorina-salavastru-didactica-psihologiei-perspective-teoretice-si-metodice

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Second is locus of control Rotter ; Brockhaus Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities: In the current economic conditions, for a company to remain viable and profitable, the market does no longer allow the pursuit of common practices “business as usual” on human resource management.

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Rey complex figure – copy and recall, Tower subtest, and the tests concerning school performance will be compared before the intervention pretest and after the final intervention final post -test.

Constant repetition and reinforcement of the teacher formes the language “habbit”. Before and after the completion of the entire psycho-pedagogical intervention program, students were assessed with instruments targeting reading and writing the Three Minutes Text Test, reading comprehension test and image composition test and neuropsychological tests: Viewed from this perspective, we consider it to be a good barometer of the social and cultural values, mentalities and behaviours specific to present Romanian society.

Thus, Interaction represents a process of communication between two or more persons where both linguistic meaning and emotional response are mutually clarified whenever this is required. The Free Press, p. Quality management in the context of educational marketing ; Jun 11, Next, the same test was used in the context of controlling another variable, to see if there are differences in the performance of students who received medical treatment and the performance of those who received medical treatment.

How Changes in Education Occur? Globalization beyond Myths, Bucharest: Current trends of postmodernism in education From the available literature, I managed to synthesize the most extended postmodern trends in the context of globalization which I deem viable for the future of the field called the sciences of education: Our study tries to reveal the importance of Multiple Intelligences in TEFL and the positive results it has with children of different ages.

Chatham House Publishers, Inc.


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Disactica interest perceived will cause the teacher make further efforts to clarify the content. Distance training can improve the quality of learning and performance of employees in an organization in an effective way with a lower cost as compared to traditional methodsand organizations that take advantage of these opportunities will acquire a competitive edge in the market. Effective teaching with technology in higher education: The student is unable to read and identify the word as a whole, as a global entity with a specific significance and sense.

One aspect of a quality educational program is access to support materials, which means – usually – access to a electronically available library. It contains only closed questions. Although ODL exists for decades, has not yet reached the critical point where the change of culture, economic conditions and the theoretical position would decisively influence a major change in education and training.

For the 1st Option, there were few 1st degree teachers and the percentage decreased significantly compared to the previous situation, being Software of the Mind. Students may express interest, but at the same time may have difficulty in the message cognitive understanding. The types of intelligence are the following: Thoughts and emotions must be expressed, first in the family and then in the piazza, … interaction between soloists and the group, and between regional identity North or South and national identity.

Difficulties arise especially when meanings are not clarified or when prerequisites are not checked, which is not always easy common in the act of didactic and educational communication due to the misscommunication between teacher and some students. As in the case of school, companies and organizations should be rule-oriented in order to reduce uncertainty. To make this possible it is necessary to improve employee skills and their performance on an order of magnitude beyond what can be achieved through traditional teaching methods.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that ultimately this kind of fear generates attitudes specific to the complex of power that make people consent to differential treatment, wide salary discrepancies between management and employees, or other forms of inequalities among people.

Thomas and Mueller find similar personality characteristics as Brockhaus Psihologia Educatiei 1 Psihologia Educatiei Specific activities for the development of verbal — linguisticintelligence are: A thorough needs assessment process can provide certainty that a distance education program will meet these goals and therefore the organization’s mission.


Cleveland and New York: This is also a rewarding experience for the teacher. Log In Sign Up. Intrapersonal intelligence is important in individual study and homework. They are sensitive to colours, shapes, form, space and the relationships between these elements.

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A report from Pennsylvania State University entitled An emerging set of guidelines for the design and development of distance education presents the following five aspects of design: Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, Bucharest: CLL does not follow a conventional grammar-based syllabus, but is primarly topic- based, with students suggesting areas they would like to cover. Technology – technological infrastructure needed to deliver an e-Learning program is often described as a separate domain as support materials textvideo, audio quality as a component of the IDD program.

The evaluating competence of the advisors is basic, together with individual and group counseling, implementation of career development programs, information management and using the computer and communication technologies for counseling. Attention should focus here primarily on the aims defined by the educational organization through own educational policy documentsbefore deciding that distance learning is an effective tool to achieve goals and to allocate resources for achievement.

The present paper focuses on his activity regarding the Romanian culture. Of course, it can not be an exhaustive classification, but the fact that a “census” of these websites would be almost impossible to achieve.

salavastru psihologia educatiei pdf free – PDF Files

Small Business Economics 28, — The objectives are subsumed to the main goal and define specifically what the person wants to achieve. The fourth characteristic is creativity. It covers issues such as financial commitment, articulation with other policies, technical support, legal compliance, etc. Legal compliance also relates to intellectual property. Quality benchmarks for the development of instructional design are different didaxtica those needed to run the process to facilitate learning.

Specific activities for the development of musical intelligence are: