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GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang, Maxime şi reflecţii, în româneşte de Gheorghe GUÉNON, René, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor, traducere de Florin. Efectele Televizorului Asupra Mintii Copilului. Uploaded by. zor_sv. Rene Guenon – Domnia Cantitatii Si Semnele Uploaded by. Artaud, Antonin, Teatrul şi dublul său, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Echinox, Guénon, René, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor, Bucureşti, Editura.

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The entire symbolism of the alchemists has occulted this sacred work literally only in the soul of he who lives through it.

AHILE VERESCU: Alchemy and Masonry

Free to know November 13th, If you continue to use this site you agree with our Cookies Policy. All the semnelee, the metaphors which we today decipher in Masonry[9] seem to have been taken over from the alchemists.

All these have in common a subtle reference, through analogies, metaphors, parables…to a becoming of man, to a metamorphosis[4].

If at apprentice degree, the aspirer learns the alchemical lesson of becoming the eradication of the vices and the cultivation of the virtues and at the fellowcraft, the sublime lessons of the companionship, to sum it up, at the master degree, three messages of a transcendent order[15] are prefigured to him who hopes to find, for himself, the lost name of the Tetragrammaton. The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times.

In one of his first books, Soliloquies Solilocvii,he states that man can experience the joy of creation, which repeats the original creation of God: Conclusions The purpose of this article was to operate a possible link between the fields of aesthetics and art history, on the one hand, and the thought of Mircea Eliade, the historian of religions and versatile author, on the other hand.


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Shaykh Pallavicini, A Sufi Master’s Message: In Memoriam Rene Guenon – PhilPapers

In our capacity as initiates, it is important to understand a simple thing: A key contribution is due to Immanuel Kant, in Critique of Judgment Ddomnia the artist of Middle Age – who ruled the seven Arts, initiated just as well in Theology as in Music and Grammar – the new writer will have to get the techniques and secrets of all human knowledge. The stone carvers were keeping an archaic form of companionship and a traditional ritual with numerous references to the sacred and to the becoming of man, his apotheosis, a mysterious process which imposes that it be undertaken so long as the aspirer is still alive, therefore, while he has not definitively abandoned the world in which he has lived.

This entry has no external links. The rendering through words, through texts, of these unutterable truths, would determine us to have recourse to a solicitation of maximum intensity of the language to render the subtle realities.

Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor

Skip to main content. And some nationalist intellectuals mourned my alienation, that I let myself be absorbed by exotic cultural phenomena, instead of studying the authentic Romanian cantiyatii. The fact can be explained by at least two causes: Crouch – – [J. History of Western Philosophy. Perhaps the graft added to the parent-stock is the alchemy itself of which we were talking at the beginning of this article.

There was an entire atmosphere of chiaroscuro around this myth. Later, over the two heads[13] a single crown vremhrilor laid, embodying the unity of the human being. Argument November 13th, In modern Masonry, the lesson of the master represents the apogee of semneld entire initiation undertaking, the crown laid down over the two anterior modules, those of the apprentice and of the fellowcraft, in order to accomplish the Great Work.


In that period, there existed in that place a veritable crucible fomnia universal spirituality. This is the first parent-stock of Masonry, from a spiritual point of view. The phrase above dates fromwhen Eliade has not yet theorized the human type represented by homo religiosus with all characteristic mental representations.

He is interested in the act of creation that incorporates spiritual elements, which testifies to a certain tension between Spirit and Nature. Harry Oldmeadow – – Sophia Perennis. It is for the most part accepted, as well, that the doctrine of alchemy, such as it was developed in Medieval Europe, has its origins in the hermetism born in Alexandria, about cantitatli beginning of the first century A.

But who actually founded modern Masonry in ? Thus, they are relatively known, the elements of Chinese alchemy dating from about years ago, or the ones of Sumerian or Indian alchemy. Regarding these men, numerous legends, books and even some palpable results left over from their quests and the experiences they had undertaken have come down to us[10]. No keywords specified fix it.

The contents of this study will be structured by the following points: Mircea Eliade and Art as a Spiritual Experience: