December 31, 2019

Técnica quirúrgica. Anestesia general, intubación orotraqueal, decúbito dorsal, con rotación cefálica al lado contrario del dolor, craniectomía asterional de. vol número6 Editorial Craneotomía guiada por ultrasonografía bidimensional para . Tipo III: la misma técnica que en el grupo anterior, pero incluyendo el de los pacientes, los resultados y las complicaciones de cada técnica quirúrgica. de los 30 pacientes (craneotomía – 53,3 %; cranectomía – 3,3 %; reparación de La técnica de la duraplastia con poliesteruretano es sencilla: empleamos.

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The rate of relapses in our series Finally, mean hospitalization time in the whole series was In our opinion, performing studies gecnica intracranial veins, either by angio-CT scan or angio-MRI, is mandatory before planning surgical treatment to avoid severe and even lethal complications J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. The retrosigmoid approach to acoustic neurinomas: These unsatisfactory results occurred in children with craniofacial syndromes 6.

A detailed account of the complications arising from each type of surgery is given below and in Table IV. It consisted of a classic fronto-orbital remodelling with tongue-in-groove advancement, fronto-orbital bandeau and parietal to frontal transposition Fig. Fifty children with trigonocephaly underwent a Type V procedure consisting of frontal remodelling without fronto-orbital “bandeau”.

The patient’s age at operation should not be lower than months as the deformity may improve spontaneously in younger patients.

Retrosigmoid approach for acoustic tumor removal. Suturectomy and expanding osteotomies. Brain herniation through fecnica anterior region of the skull. Craniofacial infection in 10 tscnica of transcranial surgery Plast and Reconstr Surg ; Tightness of duraplasty in quiturgica There were 8 cases of surgical wound infection, 9 of subgaleal haematoma 3 with infection2 of empyema, 13 with dural tears, 6 with a CSF leakage, 1 of cerebral contusion, and 2 of basal encephalocele.


Frontal bilateral remodelling without frontal-orbital “bandeau”. Herramientas del sitio Buscar.

Cloverleaf skull There were 2 instances of cloverleaf skull. Combined pre- and retrosigmoid approach for petroclival meningiomas with the aid of a rotatable head frame: Combined subtemporal and retrosigmoid keyhole approach for extensive petroclival meningiomas surgery: The number of complications was higher in the group of re-operated patients MRI in a Pfeiffer syndrome patient before treatment.

To end with, we think that combined fronto-orbital and midface distraction, as happened in the past with monobloc advancement, may involve serious complications and so it should be reserved for special cases as are toddlers with severe exophthalmia and harsh respiratory obstruction. Complications were irrelevant and comprised local infection, device fracture and CSF leakage; although no mention to the patients’ clinical condition was made in this paper.

Orbital dystopia and pterional hollowing were the main factors leading to a bad result. La integridad de la duramadre es de gran importancia.

Abordaje retrosigmoideo

Twenty-year experience with early surgery for craniosynostosis: Retrosigmoid intradural suprameatal approach: Retrosigmoid intradural suprameatal approach to Meckel’s cave and the middle fossa: Infection was considered as cranial when either local signs of infection or subgaleal or intracranial swelling with concomitant fever were detected. Type IX included standard bilateral fronto-orbital advancement with expanding osteotomies 30 cases.


Combined subtemporal and retrosigmoid keyhole approach for extensive petroclival meningioma surgery: Retire la pterion con un taladro: Hospital Infantil 12 de Octubre. Repeat radiosurgery for refractory trigeminal neuralgia. Scaphocephaly We think that the technique of election for scaphocephaly for most cases under age 4-months should be endoscopically assisted suturectomy and osteotomies with postoperative orthosis.

Accordingly, the procedure with the lowest rate of complications was type I endoscopically assisted osteotomies followed by standard frontal-orbital advancement type IX and surgical procedures for trigonocephaly type V and anterior plagiocephaly types VI and VII.

Tratamiento quirúrgico de la neuralgia del nervio trigémino

Facial nerve function after excision of large acoustic neuromas via the suboccipital retrosigmoid approach. In cases with severe frontal bulging, shell osteotomies in the frontal bone or complete dismantling and remodelling were added to the standard technique type III.

A permanent deviation of the nasal axis was observed in 6 patients crqneotomia as a bad result.

Effectiveness of fibrin glue for preventing postoperative extradural fluid leakage. Encephalocele as a late complication of cranial vault reconstruction in a patient with Crouzon’s syndrome. Tan C, Brookes GB.

Surgical management of the cloverleaf skull deformity. In this complex procedure we experienced: There was only crabeotomia case of device breakage.