December 28, 2019

Learn how to send plain text and html emails with ColdFusion in this Free Open Source training course For sending emails ColdFusion provides the cfmail tag. cfmail to = “recipient” from = “sender” cc = “copy_to” bcc = “blind_copy_to” Added several configuration options to the ColdFusion MX Administrator Mail. The problem with this is that you can use ColdFusion’s CFMail tag to send to multiple recipients by using a comma-delimited list of email.

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The encryption algorithm to use. ColdFusion will act normally, but colffusion there is no mail server set up on your localhost, emails will not arrive at their destination.

The ColdFusion Administrator has an interface to this folder for easier browsing. Send email messages using a query. What you want to do is continue to use Gmail, but set the Reply-To field to the address you want responses to come back to. Message recipient email addresses. Queues the message for sending, without storing a copy until the operation is complete. The message priority level. Static address, for example, “support. Text emails are simple and easy, but sometimes you need more control over the presentation of your email, such as with a newsletter or a promotional email.


For each server, you can optionally specify a username, password, and port.

An e-mail message is sent for each returned row. If you specify multiple mail servers in ColdFusion MX Standard, the cfmail tag uses only the first server in the specification. If there are no white space characters, inserts a line break at the specified position. The cfmailparam and cfmailpart tags can only be used in the cfmail tag body.

Samples uses of CFMAIL

A password to send to SMTP servers that require authentication. ColdFusion provides a wrapper around the cfmail tag that is automatically available. Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure keys. Sets the mail envelope reverse-path value. If yes, ColdFusion removes attachment files if any after the mail is vfmail delivered.

You might want to edit your GMail password out of the code in the comment you posted Addresses to which to copy the message, without coldfusjon them in the message header.

In order to accomplish this, you need to establish any other “from” account you plan to use within your application as an alternate address within Google Mail.

ColdFusion Help | cfmail

Attached file is MIME-encoded. Eliminates adjacent duplicates when data is sorted by the specified field. The server attribute can specify one or more mail servers. Sending and Receiving Email. Format Example user server rsmith company.


The only required attribute of this tag is coldfusio type attribute that specifies which version the cfmailpart represents: A value that includes a port specification overrides the port attribute.

If a delivery error occurs when this option is No, ColdFusion generates an Application exception and logs the error to the mail. For details, see Usage. If there are no white space characters, inserts a line break at the specified position.

Coldfusoon the left menu, below “Server Settings”, you will find “Mail”. The best way to make sure that the recipient of your email will receive the right version for his email client is to send both a text and an HTML version of the email.

The MIME media type of the part. Can be dynamically generated.

These values override the corresponding attributes, if any. Now you can use HTML in the body of your email