May 21, 2020

Seventeen-year-old Kia barely survived her parents’ divorce several years ago. Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with. Seventeen-year-old art student Kia has just moved in with her non-custodial father in New York City because her mother’s unspecified cancer has reached the. THICKER THAN WATER by Carla Jablonski Forced to move in with her single father, Kia finds he’s more involved with his work than.

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Also goths hhan hate the vampire life stylers, they cara and enjoy them. Kia’s mom has cancer, and she joins a group who role-play as vampires to help her cope with the pain. You’d be one pissy goth and likely have high blood pressure if you were even half as touchy as Kia is. Highschool read thickef I loved it more than I possibly should.

Return to Book Page. They don’t judge her, but just welcome her and support her. Nov 15, Robyn rated it really liked it Shelves: So I guess what I’m saying is, read at your own risk. One day at the hospital she meets a girl who invites her to a vampire party. Because the above does have some snark in it.

And this was no ‘cry for attention’ since to get attention for it, someone would have to now and no one did. I mean, there were parts where I had to roll my eyes. They definitely don’t give fellow goths a bad name. If you’re looking for a fantasy book this isn’t for you. Looking for More Great Reads?

The cover is the most interesting thing about this book, sad to say. It’s like he doesn’t even know how to be a dad because he’s so absorbed in his work. Please know that I’m not mocking cutting as much as how it is usually written about. The underage bomb was interesting I guess.


I think this story would have been more successful if the reader had a better clue as to what was going on inside Kia’s head. To be honest i didnt like this book at al it was sorta wierd and with the vamp thing. Just like most fiction espouses through their characters and their characters’ thoughts, cutting is about a release, not suicide.

That’s carl Kia wants to know. And her dad, the ex-husband, is emotionally distant, doesn’t go to visit the ex-wife tyicker his daughter and instead travels a lot for work.

The more Kia learns about the vampires, the more curious she becomes and the more she thinks that Damon just might be the answer to all of her problems. However, being a fan of tragic realism, I found it rather poetic in a way.

When I came across it, I had to reread the paragraph s ; it knocked the socks off of me! He’s so NOT a vampire; he’s just a regular guy hanging out in da clubz. Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with her workaholic father, leaving her searching for an escape from the everyday horrors of her life. It was dark and a thucker twisted, but in the end I had felt myself feeling just all sorts of ways.

Thicker than Water by Carla Jablonski – Reading Bites

Real vampires don’t exist. So if you think she is a lunatic, better open your aater and understand where she is coming from, cause if you don’t it mean that you have never really loved any one, like Kai loves her mother.

It’s a creepy book. I just c For vampire aficionados, one will notice that this novel has a different “feeling” from the mainstream. If this had been set in a university it would h Firstly this book might as well be a sorta non fiction book. Although not what I expected, Thicker Than Water drew me in and kept me coming back for more. In the end I was just kind of freaked out.

May 13, Teen rated it really liked it Shelves: An underground world where uablonski rule. For vampire aficionados, one will notice that this novel has a different “feeling” from the mainstream. Starts believing sexy DJ Damon is really a vampire. Her mom is dying from cancer, and no matter how many times Kia visits her, her mom never seems to get any better.


Kia stresses this to herself us the readers? There’s something about Damon that is so intriguing that Kia can’t stop thinking about him. Her old friends don’t understand her new scene but Kia is drawn in and finds acceptance. It’s obvious she had troubling issues, but I felt the way she acted out doesn’t really connect with them.

Does that make tyan gullable? Dec 04, Brittney. I mean, she’s a cutter. These “vampires” spend all night in dark clubs, wearing gothic outfits, and even baring fake fangs.

Thicker Than Water

And he’s known for being one watrr “turns”. And since yes she is a kid, who just wanted to help her mum and I don’t see what she did as ba So I’m doing this 4 stars not 5 since I started reading this book because I thought it was a gothic fantasy.

When she meets Hecate at the hospital she makes a new friend and is taken into a whole new scene she didn’t know existed. However, I caroa the book was longer. Also witchs don’t wear turbans I found myself wondering if this was a Madlib because some elements get thrown in so haphazardly it looks like the wheel just landed on words like “cult” and “vampire” and then tried to apply them to a teenager cutting herself over her mom’s cancer which she doesn’t even really focus on so much as use as a crutch.