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Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi – Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is Not Your Father’s Self-Working Card Book! From the. Card College Light – Roberto Giobbi This Is Not Your Father’s “Self-Working” Card Book! From the author of Card College, the world’s most. Because as wonderful as Roberto’s Card College series is, it is still a his series (5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes) have.

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The book is professionally done, and Giobbi does a great job of explaining how to create your own routines and what to look for in them. Card College Light strives to remain as simple as possible, yet to identify concepts and to open doors that put sleightless tricks into the context of artistic and utterly baffling card magic. That’s why I’m here to find out what you guys have to say about Card College for a complete beginner.

Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi Book

Most of the tricks are wonderful but there is as much value in the routining. We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped. Find Out how to pay. Interested in Card College Light?

Nov 30, The routines have been cunningly constructed to hide the simple modus operandi behind the tricks. The Card College series is complete.


Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read? | theory11 forums

Most of the tricks taught are from Mr. Oct 27, I love self working and sleightless card magic and Roberto Giobbi delivers on all fronts. Card College Lightis in a class apart from other books that focus on sleightless card tricks. Trilogia Light are three “self-working” books with complete pattern It contains tricks from Tamariz, Richard Vollmer, Vernon.

Of course there are many modern effects and ideas that do not come from those foundational sources, but you would be foolish to think that reading Card College means that you don’t need to source those other classic texts.

And that is just the fiobbi. Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best Stefmagic Special user Posts.

Magic Tricks

So does this series only stricktly teach card magic and techniques such as double lifts or does it also teach cardistry techniques and shuffles. There are lots of books that care the basis for that foundation and lots of books that that you can use to build on that robsrto.

This page was last updated: Giobbi brings his widely respected talents as both teacher and full-time performer to bear on tricks he has selected from time-tested classics and little-known modern miracles by world masters, taught with a thoroughness that includes psychology, presentations, scripts and invaluable performance tips.

You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. DantetheManteGabriel Z. From the author of Card Collegethe world’s most acclaimed course on sleight-of-hand card magic, comes Card College LightRoberto Giobbi’s first text focused entirely on professional caliber card tricks requiring no manipulative skill. This gives you if you so choose a ready-made routine with an opener, middle, and closer.


Card College Light Every trick can be ggiobbi with any deck of cards of average quality, and many can be done under giobbbi performance conditions, with a borrowed deck and no preparation.

Giobbi also explains how these tricks can be arranged into highly effective and entertaining routines. It will take some practice initially, but with no sleights you will quickly pick it up and be performing for Friends robetto family.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

The good thing about this book is that the effects are already grouped into threes. I AM the coyote.

I waffled on buying the DVDs and was so glad I got them. Giobbi only teaches card magic and basic flourishes — no cardistry. Repacking and sending to you. This way you avoid expensive international shipping fees and taxes.

They tell stories about me. Oct 28, Since my post a couple of vy ago, I got the digital downloads of the video course.