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CalculuxArea Version Calculux Area Calculux Area Contents Contents Calculux. Calculux Area by Philips Lighting B.V.. Versions: and. File name: No specific info about version Please visit the main page of Calculux Area on Software Informer. Share your experience: Write a review.

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All you have to do is use the menu to select the elements which you wish to include in your report and they will be added automatically. The TI is only calculated for luminaries within this limit.

If symmetry is applied you can generate new logical luminaires by means of the desymmetrize option see also chapter ‘Symmetry’, section ‘Desymmetrize’.

Report setup6 Selection of luminaries6. Calculux will then show you which of the luminaires if any exceeds the limit. Luminaire List In the Luminaire List tab you can view the attributes of each luminaire in the arrangement.

Arc The Arc shape can be used to create circular shapes. Changing the position or the dimension of the application area will automatically update the calculation grid. It relates to the light of the ares which is directly incident on the eye of an observer; Lve veiling luminance produced by the environment; This is the light reflected towards the eye from the area in front of the observer.

Sportsground Lighting Upgrade Project /18 | Your Say Northern Beaches

Basic difference for the selection of Generator i. The value is calculated under ‘new’ conditions ; Lav average maintained road luminance; MF general maintenance factor used to calculate the average luminance. I Intensity towards the observer.


This simplifies luminaire arrangement entries where one or more of the luminaires have the same orientation. If the calculud aiming presentation is different from the used aiming type, Calculux will convert the unit for aiming into the unit as selected for the aiming presentation.

The switching modes columns will only be displayed if more then one switching mode s exist. Old files may be overwritten during installation and downward compatibility is not guaranteed. Data Observer And insert these specs. Frequently used grids corresponding to the built in application fields can be automatically generated by setting a calculation grid default for each application field.

Calculux Area

Aiming Type With this parameter you can set the default aiming type choose from either RBA or XYZaiming angles or aiming points for the luminaires in the arrangement. The equivalent veiling luminance Lvl the light produced by the luminaires which is directly incident on the eye is defined by the following formula: A point can be entered between grid points but will have no effect.

In general, for each arrangement the following luminaire attributes if applicable must be set: The environment directories and database settings can be checked at any time. If your country is not in the list, click the Others link. Sairam May 11, You can do this in several ways: Because both the grids and the shapes must be defined in a menu by entering the parameters, it is a time consuming and complex exercise.


Inbound C A B The default setting for the arc shape is inbound for creating segments up to a full circle. Note that the Cancel facility is effective in any of the tabs of the arrangement dialogue box. The luminance is given by the formula: When the Polar arrangement has been entered, a number of ways of updating are possible: The user cannot change or delete these pre- defined shapes, but can duplicate or add a shape.

Because of the rotation the view can be enlarged. The use of X-symmetry implies that the obstacle will be placed symmetrically on the X-axis. Home Documents Calculux Area.

Clx Area User Manual | Leonardo Oliveira –

RTB Wetsurface W1 calculkx. As a result of this, when light regulation factors are used, the power consumption of the luminaire can not be calculated.

For the luminance the designer has to specify the reflectance of the area considered. The package is calcklux for use by lighting engineers to carry out simple artificial lighting design calculations. Some of the Calculux features described in this manual partly only apply for Calculux Area or Calculux Road.