May 31, 2020

Overload, Description. Export(String,OutputRange,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. Export(String,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. C1PrintDocument’s native C1DB format ExportProvider. Class, C1dExporter, Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format. Class. Represents a ComponentOne Document. Represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format.

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UsageInfo Gets the UsageInfo object containing information related to the current document’s usage: Dictionary Gets the current document’s Dictionary. NewLine Begins a new line in inline c1printdocyment, can be used only if current stacking is inline flow. This unit is used when sizes or coordinates of objects within the document are set without specifying the unit of measurement explicitly.

ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin, v3. To include a TagEscapeString string itself in a text, duplicate it.

C1PrintDocument Class Members

The default value is -1, indicating that the number of pages in the document is unlimited. Gets or sets the string used as the closing parentheses when including references to Tag objects in the current document’s texts e. CurrentPage Gets the current generating page, returns null if document in not generating state.


Gets the UsageInfo object containing information related to the current document’s usage: GenerateDocument Occurs when the document needs to be generated. Now gets the description of the first c1printdocumnet in the Warnings collection, or an empty string if there are no c1;rintdocument.

PagesExportProvider The abstract base class for export providers that perform export by iterating over the list of metafiles representing the pages of a document. Gets the actual measurement device which was used to generate the document. Checks whether the document contains any tags that can be entered or changed in the tags input dialog.

Printer but the current system has no printers installed. The Dictionary can be used to contain reused resources e. The construor includes certicate file path, password and for the object as well as keyStorage flag values that controls where and how to import the private key.

C1Report to Microsoft Excel C1. The abstract base class describing a supported export format. RenderInline Renders a ParagraphObject into the current inline paragraph. Save fileName ; The C1Pdf supports the creation digital signatures in two mode.

Adds a text to the Body of the current document at a specific position on the current page, and resolves it.


Reflow Reflows the current document. The default value is UnitTypeEnum. ImageExportProvider The abstract base class for all image export providers. Tags Gets the TagCollection representing the collection of user-defined Tag objects in the current document. C1Report to plain text.

ComponentOne / ComponentOne Studio Forum

Clears the current document, sets all properties to their default values. AllowNonReflowableDocs Gets or sets a value indicating whether methods can be called on the current document that would result in the document becoming non-reflowable such as NewPage.

Sign up using Facebook. DocumentFormatVersion Gets a string representing the ho of the document persistence format supported by c1printdocumdnt current assembly. Creates a RenderPolygon from a collection of UnitPoint objects, and renders it on the current page, at position specified by the points’ coordinates.

LinksModeEnum Defines the hyperlink generation mode. The save format defaults to C1DocumentFormatEnum. The abstract base class for C1dExporter and C1dxExporter classes. Pixelthis is also the resolution of ResolvedUnit pixels.