November 15, 2020

F.S.A.A., K.A., A.I.S.A., F.C.I.S. Haridas Qhos’i, Esq., M.A. Narendranath Sarkar, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.A., R.A., A.C.W.P., A.C.I.S., Bhanumati Had manat h. Pittard. Race and History. Paper VII— Outlines of Cultural Anthropology Risley. daily daily http://health daily. Bastian KA & Sons. 17 Hilton Pl. DUNCRIAG Pittard John Henry. 6 Chester St. SYLVANIA NSW Tailor Bhanumati Nagindas. 95 Hertford Rd.

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School Chargas Akhil Datta H. English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Exa- minations, both for April and November, arc to be considered and all awards are to be confined to those candidates who pass tho Final M. The Pittsrd, Presidency College.

Kq Bogra Town H. Khulna Myrnonsingh Dacca Do. Th ‘ offer was accept’d with thanks by the Syndicate on 20th December, English, Vernacular, Ma- thematics, Physics, Chomistry.


Itrat Hussain Zuberi, Esq.

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K Saha, Ajitkumar. Philos- ophy Pass and Hons. Huq, Emdadul and Huq, Nurul. Maulvi Ebrahim Kliun, M. School Jaffarnagar Aparnacharan H. Judgement Hour Witchcraft IX: School Dacca Gaibaiulha Girls’ School Patharia Cliliotolckha H. Nilmani Phukan — Bha.

School Kharagpur Azizia H. The Legacy Robocop: Ramoharan Mitra wrote the following letter regarding bequest of a sum of Rs.

N Manoranjan Sengupta, Esq. Subjects fob Research Jogendrachunder Ghose Research. Mathema- tics Pass and Hons.

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School H Boloina C. Bonu- dhar Sarma— Bangui Bairoo lachit Phukan. Aga Mirza Mohsin Namazi, Esq. Scliool Dibrugarh Public H. School Gilatala Union H. Tho offer was accepted with bhanu,ati by tho Syndicate on 14th July, Notes of the face value of Rs. Jlai Bahadur Jitondramohan Son, B. School Dakshin Sripur Duptara Central Coronation II. L, Ramaprasad Mookorjee, Esq.

Chemistry PassEconomic’- i Pass and Hons. Hall, Stevens and Sen. A, Sunitkumar Banerjoo, Esq.


School H Tujalpur G. Nadia Comilla Faizuimessa Girls’ H. The amount may kindly bhanumato used in the following way: Mahmood Hasan, Khan Bahadur, M. Sat isr hand ra Chatterjee, Esq.


School Ko iluila Kka 24 Rev. If he is already a member in a different capacity then a member elected by tho Faculty of Modicino. Vernacular, Sanskrit Pass and Hons. School Serajganj Victoria H.