March 25, 2020

Sentido, the light switch reinvented. Sentido is very simple, yet very innovative. At first look, Deseo is an intelligent design thermostat for KNX home. Asano introduces a world of music, perfectly fit to the needs of residential.

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Holding multi-touch for a longer period starts the unique scene sequencer functionwhich allows selecting up to four additional scenes. This website uses cookies to give you the best user experience. Basalte Enzo switch – black glass – 4-way. Basalte Home is an elegant and baaalte visualisation for the KNX home automation system.

Basalte Enzo switch – white glass – 2-way. Furthermore, the system can be made redundant: Basalte Sentido switch – satin white – 4-way. Furthermore, Basalte Core provides the knd, a logical engine, custom notifications and third-party integrations with a.

kmx Stand C06, Hall Its clearly arranged interface and unique room management functions let you organise rooms by floor or category. Basalte Enzo switch – white leather – 2-way. The multicolour LED backlight can be used for status feedback or simply to light up Sentido in the dark.

Lights, scenes, shades and even music can separately be controlled at the slightest touch. Connect the S4 music server to CobraNet for more music services and the app. Materials Doors Windows Staircases Building construction. Furthermore, Basalte Core provides the visualisation, a logical engine, custom notifications and third-party integrations with a. Newsletter Want to stay informed about Basalte?


Enzo switch – black leather – 4-way by Basalte

It also has an easy to use graphic logic editor plus an extremely power logic scripting toil based on LUA. With a sleek interface its possible to not only commission the music system and link existing KNX devices to the visualisation, but also introduce virtual products such as thermostats to the system. Multiple Basalte Core servers can be added as your family and needs evolve, creating more users and possibilities. Sentido, the light switch reinvented.

The Enzo design switch is touch-sensitive to easily control lights, hasalte, shades, HVAC and even music, thanks to the patented multitouch technology!

Basalte Home – a new way to control a KNX building | Ivory Egg (UK)

The entire surface of our design switches is touch-sensitive, creating a very easy kbx unique way of control. Basalte Enzo switch – black leather – 2-way. Basalte Sentido switch – brushed aluminium – 4-way. Basalte Sentido switch – soft copper – 4-way. As part of the Home solution Basalte showed a new wall touch panel with a 5.


IP Routers and Interfaces. Please subscribe to our newsletter below.

This server is born from our multiroom audio system and makes music inherent to your smart home and comfort scenes. Touching more than one surface at the same time turns on and off all the lights in a room using a scene.

Asano – Basalte

Data, TV, Video, Audio. Basalte Home will be available for iOS and Android. Simple, yet very innovative. You must be logged in to post a comment. News Press Jnx Support. Handmade and engineered in Belgium.

Basalte Home – a new way to control a KNX building

Using the integrated RGB sequencer mnx combination with multi-touch allows controlling RGB lights in a very simple and intuitive way. Ellie is very easy to install in a single gang European wall box. Additionally, you can connect any other music source to Asano: You can login to comment via the following networks your email address will not be published: Most-visited Products List of the most-visited products by Basalte.