December 29, 2019

The Arcanum is a role-playing game by Bard Games. Like many early published systems, it closely followed the tropes of AD&D and other contemporary games. Bg Atlantean Trilogy the Arcanum Bookmarked 2nd Ed. – Ebook download as PDF File DIRGE Dark Modern Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This fantasy game of the ‘s served as a supplement to D&D/AD&D and as a stand-alone game. It was fairly innovative at the time and is known for its magic.

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Refresh and try again. I will make every attempt to ensure that all of the dice in the set aranum branded with the pentagram on the highest face. These dice will be exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign and will not be available anywhere after the campaign is over. Blackfeather added it Mar 17, Its basic mechanics, however, are FAR easier than Rolemaster’s, more consistent than that of TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons series, and overall actually more comprehensive as well.

If it runs over, I will let you know. In other afcanum, these two books are in very good hands.

Before you pledge…

In many ways, Talislanta is a further evolution of ideas explored in The Arcanum. These three books would later be combined into an omnibus called The Arcanum. David Ladage and Jerry D. Twilight of Atlantis is a sourcebook detailing this once-great people, drawn from the writing of Plato.


Jeff rated it it was amazing Aug 02, As indicated above, most of the scanned text is completed sans some tweaking for layout. To keep costs low and to maintain the feel of barv gamejust about every piece of artwork from the original three editions of the game will be used after all, I already own them.


Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogy

The author, Stephan Michael Sechi, had moved on to write Talislanta. In addition, I am looking into getting some custom dice bags made by CustomDiceBags. In other words, these two books are in very good hands. The toughest one so far is finding someone that can do the gzmes d4s for me. In other words, it suffered the issues associated with a small group of enthusiasts trying to publish an RPG in the days before desktop publishing.

Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogy by Stephan Michael Sechi

The biggest hurdle will be in the editing. The combined book the actual Arcanum releases came shortly after. Back ina company called Bard Games released some books: The third edition was essentially a reprint of the second edition, this time published by Death’s Wrcanum Games. Wizard’s Tower — this level is for Brick and Mortar stores only; I will be checking!

What I am not doing is substantially altering any aspect of the game. Estimated delivery Dec The Paladin level includes a one-of-a-kind dice tower. All of the material from these three books would be edited and made a part of the core rules for The Arcanum.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Together, the three books provide a highly detailed setting for fantasy role-playing; separately, any of the three books may be used to add variety and color to an ongoing campaign. If all else fails, I can do the printing through Lulu or CreateSpace. The money is needed to handle normal publishing expenses e. However, ZiLA was never able to complete the project and the book remains unreleased.


Then all things went to hell as the scope of the project’s text started to get violated.

GURPS Atlantis includes rules for underwater operations, stats for a wide range of submarines, and no less than three campaign backgrounds – one high fantasy, one conspiratorial, and one for steampunk or superhero games.

I have high hopes for ZiLa Games. Each set will come with a dice bag from Chessex as well.

A re-release of a classic role-playing game and supplement from the s; originally released by Bard Games. The Arcanum had three editions.

Bard Games released the first two; the third was released by Death’s Edge Games. Below are pictures of what they will receive.

Check out the FAQ. I am estimating how long that will take.