March 25, 2020

Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. La obra de Phelipe Guamán Poma de Ayala “Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno.” (Escrita entre y ) by Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala(Book). Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in Its activities.

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Arthur Posnansky Bolivian historian, explorer and businessman.

It is unquestionable that the great Andean lake formed by the meltings of a glaciation existed in the Second and Third Periods, and that in the previous period this lake was very small much smaller that at the present time. Since the publication of the work, these ideas have since been discredited by later archaeological research.

When the great Andean lake was formed at the end of the last glacial period, the following artkro occured: However, since the strand lines which show what at one time constituted the edge of the great Lake Titicaca, are 44 m.

He had some ideas regarding race and evolution a. Sheaver transl, New York: Since we have carried out studies on this subject before and after the years mentioned above, we should treat this thorny material anew in the present chapter.

Posnansky, Arthur [WorldCat Identities]

Only after conceiving the idea of investigating the age of these remains of human activity in agturo America, the most notable ruins which have come down to us, and using astronomical resources to this end, has a slight ray of light penetrated this mystery. Another fact which must be taken into account is that when at the present time during the summer posnasky one observes the sun toward the south pillar of the east wall, the slopes of the hill Akapana cross his line of vision as is seen in the small accompanying drawing, Fig.

The Sun Door which was found lying on its face on the ground, has been preserved in wonderful condition with all its inscriptions; but its back, and especially the end exposed to the adverse atmospheric conditions, shows an enormous wearing away.

This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat At first, he participated in various expeditions, which explored upper reaches of the Amazon River.


Arthur Posnansky

It has now lost its meaning owing to the present cultural state of native population. The Bolivian Altiplano, for example, the prehistoric seat of the greatest culture of the Americas, which, as we shall prove farther on, did not have the great height above sea level that it has today, did not because of its proximity to the equator, undergo a glacial period as long as that in the territories of present-day Argentina. Perhaps the person who carried out this class of investigations with most skill and understanding was Sir Norman LockyerPresident of the Physical Solar Observatory of London, who, inin his detailed work “Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments”, supplied the necessary foundation for the methodological investigation of the epochs in which there were constructed the monuments of remote antiquity.

Our colleague during the yearsProfessor Dr. In that period, consequently, these ruins were some 34 m. Had Allen not done so, I suspect that Morrison might have produced a more detailed book himself as apparently he and a colleague, Mark Howell, had built up quite a dossier on the subject.

File:Arthur Posnansky 3.jpg

Jason Colavito has highlighted that Wilcock has even tried to charge for his particular brand of male cow effluent s. InWhen the Sky Fell was revised and republished as an e-book a with a modified sub-title. Since these ruins were already debris in the period of the Inca Empire, capricious commentaries and conjectures were made about their existence and the men who built them, and especially about their age.

One of the most important works out his production company was La Gloria de la Raza, feature the same Posnansky directed in We have not the least doubt that some day our measurements 99 will be controlled by competent geodesists or astronomers and possibly certain errors or omissions will be rectified, which escaped us through faulty personal judgments or for other reasons. But the most interesting thing is that if one observes, at a distance of five meters toward the west of the aforementioned observation block, where there are still remains or a construction, the centers of the Kalasasayas 98 of the west balcony wall, one notes that the sun sets in the center of the pillars “A” and “K” at the posnanskg and on the dates noted posnanssky the accompanying diagram.

Arturo Posnansky – IMDb

There is also a large collection of related images on a YouTube clip m. For this reason, it harbored human cultures much before other sections or in a period when the Argentinian territories were still covered by the continental ice which at the present geological moment and for some thousands of years more, has withdrawn to the Antarctic.


In the course of this process its waters flowed in these directions and this is a phenomenon which would have endured in the memory of all the generations, had it taken place during a relatively recent period; in such a case the signs of the draining would still be visible and would not have disappeared as they have. Still later, in the period in which these ruins served as a quarry for the construction of the church in the modern village of Tihuanacu, the rest of the alluvia which still covered the ruins was removed.

His interest in cognate studies ended when his father suddenly died. This fauna possibly disappeared at the end of the last period of glaciation on the Altiplano, as is shown by the alluvial strata. His attention was drawn even further south to Antarctica where he controversially concluded that man had originated rather than Africa. Under such circumstances it would never have attained the extremely dense population that it had in past epochs.

One can also see clearly the effects of the successive erosions and, moreover, the repairs carried out during the Third Period by means of metallic retaining bolts or a kind of clamp.

He wrote numerous works, among them throughout his life: Published December 15, Allen claims that the large plain to the west of the lake is the plain mentioned by Plato as being adjacent to the city of Atlantis. Spanish German 20 English 19 Multiple languages 1.

Published February 21, It was the realisation of this, however belatedly, by the late Colin Wilson that led him to withdraw his support for the Antarctic location. In spite of this, we are convinced that the way has been opened for the study of the stone calendar and the foundations laid for the possnansky of the age of Tihuanacu.

Kalasasaya of the Third Period atlantisbolivia. He is best known for his work at Tiahuanaco Tiwanaku in the Bolivian Andes.