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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive Supporter. Argonauts of the Western Pacific has ratings and 23 reviews. Jenny ( Reading Envy) said: This was a cornerstone of my Readings in Ethnography course.

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NovemberDecember I would get out from under my mosquito net, to find around me the village life beginning to stir, or the people well advanced in argpnauts working day according to the hour and also to the season, for they get up and begin their labours early or late, as work presses.

Argonauts of the western Pacific ( edition) | Open Library

Such cross-fertilisation of constructive work and observation, I found most valuable, and I do not think I could have made real headway without it.

I feel therefore no need to justify an ethnological contribution which is the result of specialised research in the field.

Those highly interested in Kula exchange. From my own experience, I can say that, very often, a problem seemed settled, everything fixed and clear, till I began to write down a short preliminary sketch of my results. Out of such plunges into the life of the natives — and I made them frequently not only for study’s sake but because everyone needs human company — I have carried away a distinct feeling that their behaviour, their manner of being, in all sorts of tribal transactions, became more transparent and easily understandable than it had been before.

New Guinea is a mountainous island-continent, very difficult of access in its interior, and also at certain portions of the coast, where barrier reefs, swamps and rocks practically prevent landing or even approach for native craft.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific – Wikipedia

Argonauts of the Western Pacific Cover of the first edition. Moreover, the manner in which my white informants pacifkc about the natives and put their views was, naturally, that of untrained minds, unaccustomed to formulate their thoughts with any degree of consistency and precision.


A collection of ethnographic statements, characteristic narratives, typical utterances, items of folk-lore and magical formulae has to be given as a corpus inscriptionumas documents of native mentality. After this is realised an expedient has to be found to overcome this difficulty. The reader of this monograph will clearly see that, though its main theme is economic — for it deals with commercial enterprise, exchange and trade — constant reference has to be made to social organisation, the power of magic, to mythology and folklore, and indeed to all other aspects as well as the main one.

Retrieved 10 December II — Sociology of the Kula: Of his theoretical training he had given proof in his learned and thoughtful treatise on the family among the aborigines of Australia [1] ; of his practical experience he had produced no less satisfactory evidence in his account of the natives of Mailu in New Guinea [2]based on a residence of six months among them.

Jeremy Bentham and Mr. While Malinowski clearly perceives that the Kula expeditions are a component of the magic practices of the Islanders, he nonetheless remains vague as to what the westdrn role of the Kula expeditions are in the magical system of the Trobrianders.

Just now, when the methods and aims of scientific field ethnology have taken shape, when men fully trained for the work have begun to travel into savage countries and study their inhabitants — these die away under our very eyes. The accent is almost always on the penultimate, rarely on the anti-penultimate.

The remaining branches and offshoots of the Kula. The Kula in Dobu — technicalities of the exchange. Special attention is given to the role played by magic in the institution of the Kula, the social organization of the natives, and their malinoaski and folklore.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific

With his attention constantly directed to this aspect of tribal life, with the constant endeavour to fix it, to express it in terms of actual fact, a good deal of reliable and expressive material finds its way into his notes. Each time, new problems and difficulties presented themselves. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Alissa Funderburk rated it liked it Feb 25, Their arrival; their reception in Sinaketa; the Kula transactions; the big intertribal gathering.


The main concern of this classic text is a careful study of the Kula, the extensive and complex trading system maintained by natives of the Trobriand Islands, between themselves and neighboring islanders. Gradgrind, this horrible phantom is apparently actuated by no other motive than that of filthy lucre, which he pursues relentlessly, on Spencerian principles, along the line of least resistance.

Argonauts of the western Pacific

Such are the general characteristics of the Northern and Southern Massim respectively, given in a few words. II — Sub-divisions of the Kula district. If a man sets out on an expedition, determined to prove certain hypotheses, if he is incapable of changing his views constantly and casting them off ungrudgingly under the pressure of evidence, needless to say his work will be worthless. Later on in the year, when the plantation sprouts, they form a bright spot, with the light green of their fresh leaves.

For the native is not the natural companion for a white man, and after you have been working with him for several hours, seeing how he does his gardens, or letting him tell you items of folk-lore, or discussing his customs, you will naturally hanker after the company of your own kind.