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December 30, 2019

provide extensive information about AR ( ). AR Personal Security [United States Department of the Army] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army Publishing. QR code for Ar Title, Ar Personal Security. Publisher, BiblioGov, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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Be prepared to assault the abductor if he or she becomes irrational, destructive, or begins to seriously harm hostages. Personnel 10-58 grade E4 with a minimum of 1 year military or civilian policeexperience may also be considered for selection. Unless authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not identify themselves as law enforcement agents or wear uniform accoutrements that project military law enforcement authority.

AR —30 Military Police Investigations. AR —67 Personnel Security Program. Establish communications with the abductor as soon as possible. Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. SRT uniform and equipment a. The request will include the following information: Impact on New Manning System. This will include ra of a control log and monthly physical inventories of credentials. The SRT could 10-58 be included in contingency planning in the event of combat hostilities and sabotage.

Weapons will be controlled in accordance with AR 10-58 Deploy the Public Affairs Officer to brief news media representatives. Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U.

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Installations employing SRT response from other than installation resources will ensure that initial response contingencies using installation resources are maintained to isolate, contain, and evaluate an incident prior ra SRT arrival.

Reproduction of these credentials or use of locally produced protective service credentials is prohibited.


The command post should provide observation of the incident and afford protection from direct fire. Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Cited in paras 3—5 and 4—3. FM 19—20 Law Enforcement Investigations. Evaluations will include an alert assembly, issue of equipment, an operational briefing, a practical exercise, and a debriefing. Marksmen qualification will be documented by the SRT leader and certified by the installation PM or security officer.

AR Personal Security

Ensure that the lighting at the scene of action is adequate. Responsibilities wr be clearly defined throughout the protective mission. The mission of protective services is to protect the principal from assassination, kidnapping, injury, and embarrassment. This responsibility may be delegated to installation commanders.

Cited in para 1—4 c. Full-time protective service a. Department of the Army.

It also provides guidance for protective service operations both on and off military installations. Personnel who are more likely to be terrorist or criminal targets because of their grade, assignment, symbolic value, vulnerabilities, location, or specific threat. Summon medical, engineer, and explosive ordnance disposal EOD support personnel that have appropriate equipment and vehicles.

Major disruptions on installations. Establish, with the ra, a way of making food and beverages available. Army or other service installations; or Federal, State, local, or host country authorities in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and Status of Forces Agreements.


They will be periodically tested under varied scenarios, qualify quarterly with their assigned weapons, and receive advanced first-aid training to include cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation CPR qualification.

Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing. Personnel nominated to perform full-time protective service duties will meet the following prerequisites: They will becompleted 1900-58 the name, SSN, full facial photograph in uniform, and signature of the full-time protective service person to whom issued.

They must also be screened qr cleared in accordance with paragraph 3—1 a. In response to terrorist demands, exceptions might include— 1 A doctor who is volunteering to treat injured or stricken individuals. Hostage negotiators will be identified and designated in contingency plans. In incident planning, address a mobile contingency, even though allowing an incident to go mobile is not.

Cited in paras 4—3 and 5—3.

Army Publishing Directorate

Keep the situation confined and contained, and cleared of all personnel except those specifically authorized in the area. Level 2 high risk personnel do not warrant assignment of full-time protective services but require such additional office, residential, and travel security measures as deemed appropriate based on local conditions.

Army Criminal Investigation Command. Full-time protective service team.