January 5, 2020

Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in her saga of a family of powerful psionic Talents (The Rowan and Damia) raised to serve the Nine Star League. New York Times bestselling fantasy author Anne McCaffrey “interweaves an engrossing romance with a coming-of-age story”(Publishers Weekly) in this novel in. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in Damia’s Children (A Tower and Hive Novel Book 3) by [ McCaffrey, Anne. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading.. . Loading.

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I understand what it’s about and I don’t find it compelling enough to continue.

The Rowan is devastated by the near loss of her child, but almost more so that she cried for Afra, and not her mother. You’ll love them too! Pretty dubious prose, weirdly meandering story, stock characters, and some awkward sex with a surprisingly male gaze. So her mother had the bright idea of having another baby, except she’d been pregnant too much in too short a time, and developed gestational diabetes, and they had to pack the kids off to a different planet to live with extended family.

Little talented girl growing up and getting into trouble occasionally. Then, McCaffrey expanded the story, providing us with a novel full of filler. My re read now showed me just how much I missed or forgot.

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Deneb is a newly colonized world, and some people really dislike Talents, although they are very much needed to settle the worlds.

Damia’s Children

Feb 26, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What does it mean that mercurial Damia didn’t shield when she was with her first lover, Amer?

The first quarter of this book basically retells the first book, Rowan, from the point of view of another character. I really feel for Damia, who is so alone as a little girl, and so clever and creative. The problems with this setting just overwhelm McCaffey’s good intentions.

Damia (The Tower and the Hive, #2) by Anne McCaffrey

A pleasant re-read of an old favorite, this book is much as I remember it. Oct 27, Jody Ellis rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Damia loves to relax in a small capsule out of orbit, listening for danger.

I felt like I was missing most things to fill in the gaps and was winging a fair bit to try and piece the story mccafrey. As much as it is classified as Sci-Fi, it is at its core a romance remove the romance from the center of the story and the Mccafrey has always loved her, since the day she was born, but he has kept his distance.


Doona Catteni, or Freedom Petaybee. Damia’s Children forms a two-part story with the novel Lyon’s Pride.

Book 3 review will be posted soon. Damia is a science fiction novel by American writer Anne McCaffrey ; it is the sequel to The Rowanand the second book of the Tower and Hive series. It’s a middling book. Even so, the book is a marked improvement over The Rowan.

Books by Anne McCaffrey. Crystal Singer Killashandra Crystal Line He commutes between Callisto Moon, where the Rowan his wife is the Prime, and earth. Even when her loneliness nearly pushes her into his arms, he retreats, serving as both best friend and stabilizing influence.

I so love this series, I have read it often, and I am never bored or skipping pages. It’s incredibly well laced for a series of generations to pass, and the texts ties up perfectly. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. It should probably be called da,ia too, but that’s something else! It ends with him feeling renewed and able to “manage a third generation of Rowan women.