December 31, 2019

Flutter has ratings and reviews. Kim said: I’ll be honest and tell you that I pretty much skimmed through the last 15% of the book because I g. Latido / Flutter by Amanda Hocking, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Latido by Amanda Hocking, Isabel Murillo Fort (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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With every book I finish in this series, I become more critical.

Add the fact that Mae was turning into a whiny Valley Girl who was not getting what she wanted. Return to Book Page. There were at least three times in this book that Hocking says one character drug another character along with them. So, it’s funny and frustrating I guess At first she and Ezra are going after Peter who is on a suicide mission.

I get that she wants to save her stupid great-grandwhatever– I really do — but honestly, no one can really argue with Ezra’s logic. Alice’s “best friend” is someone she doesn’t even seem to like, and who doesn’t seem to like her.

I’m going to keep reading in hopes that Alice realizes she does love Peter because honestly there is still a spark there unless her sleeping with Jack which believe me was very uneventful deminished the spark which I will hate. Definitely, i’m not a vampires lover.

Latido / Flutter

Flutter picks up where the last book left off. Milo, Peter, and Ezra made this book worth the stars it got but Jack, Alice, and Mae should have lowered the stats even further. Jack turned Alice into a vampir Flutter pretty much lives up to its name, considering I was pretty engrossed and invested in this book! Better than the last one but the main character still annoys me with her inherent oblivious-ness I am aware that’s not actually a word.


Milo almost killed his boyfriend, Jane almost got killed by her boyfriend, Peter almost got killed by a rogue vampire pack, Ezra almost got killed by said rogue vampire pack. Mae really got on my nerves in this one, but I can defi I am happy to say that I really enjoyed the third book in the series My Blood Approves. Jack and Peter end up fighting over a silly pillow which really means that they are fighting over what happened between them and Alice.

Flutter is an OK read for a stormy night when one has nothing better to read as was the case for me. But sadly, peter felt his bond with alice dissapear and now he’s crazy and ran off to someplace, unsafe who knows fer sheer! Really WTH are you smoking moment: I think Jack is brainwashed or equally stupid and desperate to be in love with Alice.

Flutter (My Blood Approves, #3) by Amanda Hocking

So why do I keep reading these books? Forget the ridiculous match; focus on the two now.

Of course, we later forget that Alice nearly does the same exact thing in order to save her life from some weird vampires the writer decides to call Lycans. Alice volunteers to go along, against Jack’s wishes, believing she may be able to help bring him back. Alice, Peter and Ezra return only to find their happy home has changed in more ways than one.

Latido / Flutter : Amanda Hocking :

Hofking finally overtook Peter in latifo “Who is better for Alice or me poll” in this book. Other books in the series. In the first two books Peter is viewed as cruel and in the third book we find out that we were wrong about that all along. Read on if you want, but I no longer recommend this series. While I think this is by far the the longest book in the series, it is a very quick read. I mean there were like those stupid cliche vampire book parts, but if you laitdo get past that then you would think this was really good.


Mejoro bastante respecto a los 2 libros anteriores de la serie, creo que a la mitad de este libro habian pasado mas cosas que en los 2 anteriores juntos.

Mae really got on my nerves in this one, but I can definitly see why she does the things she does. I like the humor and lack of supernatural angst, making it kinda laid back there.

I have mixed feelings about these books. Despite all of this, I finished the book and downloaded the next one in the series. Schade nur, dass es in vielerlei Hinsicht stark an der Umsetzung und der Wortwahl scheiterte. Ya quiero leer el 4.

I really liked the first book and the second. Alice volunteers for a rescue mission latid Ezra. Absolut nervig im gesamten Buch — ja auf beinahe jede 2. Additionally, it drove me absolutely crazy that whenever someone asked where someone else was they said “where’s so-and-so at? Somit war dieses Thema eigentlich erledigt.

I’m already reading three other books, one of which is God knows where, the other I got bored from and will resume it hopefully soon, and the last which I read when I’ve had enough of this one.