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A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist. Writings of Amadeo Bordiga on this server (Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Russian). [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] . Media in category “Amadeo Bordiga”. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Amadeo 1, × 1,; KB.

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Having made these clear distinctions, I think I can rightly state that the transmission and re-transmission of a solid doctrinarian schematism between the leadership and the base is an irreplaceable element of the life of any communist party, and an essential weapon in the struggle against the degeneration of the worldwide revolutionary movement. These made the ground shake under the feet of the bourgeois, but did not by themselves create in the proletariat the capacity to plan objectively for armed struggle and the advent of their dictatorship.

The Left was the first to realise that, whenever the behaviour of the Russian State would start showing signs of deviations — both in internal economy and in international relations — a discrepancy would take place between the politics of the historical party, i.

What would your taking this role have meant, and what would its consequences have been for the Communist Party of Italy? This is what I told Gramsci at the Congress in Lyon during my seven-hour speech he had spoken before me, for nearly as long.

For more context bordigz his life, read this article. In the spirit of Bordiga himself, we have commented on it here with reference both to theories of social change and to science.

The friendship as well as the comradeship that always linked me to Antonio — whom I admired greatly — never faltered.

Amadeo Bordiga Archive

Bordiga joined the ICP in This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat amxdeo The new International arose declaredly centralist and anti-democratic, but the historical praxis of the entrance into it of the sections federated in the failed International was particularly difficult, and made in too much of a hurry by the expectation that the transition, from the seizure of power in Russia to that in other European countries, would be immediate.

Refresh and try again. Without the support of the Communist International to escape from fascist control, [ citation ajadeo ] few members of the Italian Communist Left were able to arrive to the Congress, so the theses drawn up by Bordiga were rejected and those of the Stalinist minority group accepted. My dissent with Gramsci, as it should be clear from many of the considerations I have made so far, was not concerned primarily with the assessment of the Italian situation, but rather xmadeo its possible developments in the near future.


Why smadeo you, Mr Bordiga, always against any action involving a common front or alliance between communists and the other parties that opposed Fascism? It is likely that my disapproval of the sentimental feelings expressed by Roberto was not fully shared by Gramsci.

Amadeo Bordiga – Wikipedia

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. My speech was included and organised by Lenin himself through his Italian representative, Mr Heller although we called him Mr Chiarini. The Lyon Theses bordiva. This was the nub of his critique of democracy, for it was in the name of conquering the masses that the Comintern seemed to be making all kinds of programmatic concessions to left-wing social democrats.

Why did you refuse?

This had been the guiding, majority component of the Italian Socialist Party since When he met and worked with Gramsci early on, Bordiga worked in the sciences and Gramsci worked in the culture and literary section. It was therefore a defeat we neither acknowledged nor accepted. When the workmate becomes a client. Even though the election was a great success for bordiiga Socialist Party?

Against anti-fascism: Amadeo Bordiga’s last interview | Overland literary journal

Botdiga the revolutionary situation reached its maturity in Italy in your opinion? This, according to your critics, would have led you to commit grave mistakes. Later, in the official communist press and after borddiga well-known expulsion of the three Italian dissenters Leonetti, Tresso and Ravazzolicame the admission that the tactic had been advocated ahead of time by left Italian communists.

The conference included members of both the Ordine Nuovo and Soviet groups, among others. These inglorious manoeuvres, strictly borne out of parliamentary politics, prevented both the real proletarian revolution and the faux revolution of the black shirts. The King had taken back his declaration of a state of siege, against the counsel of his generals. It is not therefore possible to foresee how long it will take before — in this dead and shapeless situation — what we already termed as “polarisation” or “ionisation” of social molecules, takes place, preceding the outburst of the great class antagonism.

Bordiga had a completely different view of the party from the Comintern, which was adapting to the revolutionary ebb which was announced in by the Anglo-Russian trade agreementthe Kronstadt rebellionthe implementation of the New Economic Policythe banning of factions and the defeat of the March Action in Germany.

This comrade brought back amadeeo us the stunning news that, wishing to avoid the strike, the largest organisation present at the meeting — the General Confederation of Labour — claimed to lack a communications network capable of transmitting the order to all participating Chambers of Labour.

Bordiga’s writings on the capitalist nature of the Soviet economy in contrast to those produced by the Trotskyists also focused on the agrarian sector. Bordiga never changed his mind. Naturally, such a topic is not to be isolated in a watertight compartment, but is instead inseparable from the general framework of our positions.


The political bloc would have led to a weak parliamentary grouping working towards the other strategic objective that we fiercely opposed in Moscow: And what were the reasons for your expulsion?

My reading of the forces in play at that time was concerned not with Italy alone, but with the whole of the European situation. A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist revolution, translated into English for the first time.

Bordiga and the passion for communism — Jacques Camatte. The Fundamentals borciga a Marxist Orientation 4. This network, whose central and regional addresses were kept secret strictly secret, was also charged with the encoded communications with both national and international communists centres, and with safeguarding the secrecy of the cable codes as well as of all the addresses — again both in Italy and abroad.

Following the October RevolutionBordiga rallied to the communist movement and formed amadek communist abstentionist faction within the PSI, abstentionist in that it opposed participation in bourgeois elections, the group would form, with the addition of the former L’Ordine Nuovo grouping in Turin around Antonio Gramscithe backbone of the Communist Party of Italy PCd’I, Partito Comunista d’Italia —founded at Livorno in January The PCInt split inand Bordiga also became involved with the successor, the International Communist Party, built around the newspaper Il programma comunista in Italy, and the Programme communiste review in France.

Nor did it help us withstand the attacks by the reaction, much to the disappointment of our Russian comrades — including, as mentioned in your question, Zinoviev and Lenin. Collection of the translated writings of Amadeo Bordiga.

However, those who took part in the conference already a de xmadeo left-wing of the Socialist Party appeared to wholly support it.

Amdeo also covered this topic during the plenary assembly, advancing the most drastic and radical solutions against the wishes of the other Italians and of the right. This oversaw the armed squads established at all local and provincial federations of the party and of the youth movement.

There was a significant convergence between Gramsci and me in the period that led to the creation of the Communist Faction within the old Italian Socialist Party, and after the split in Livorno and the foundation of the Communist Party of Italy.

At the Congress of the Communist Party held in Lyon inyou were outvoted and the leadership of the Party passed on to Gramsci.