February 19, 2020

Albizia versicolor tree in Pretoria National Botanical Garden Species: Albizia versicolor. Name[edit]. Albizia versicolor Welw. ex Oliv. Albizia versicolor is planted as an ornamental shade tree. Root and bark decoctions are used as an anthelmintic and purgative, and to treat swollen glands and. BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Albizia versicolor is a deciduous tree up to 20 m tall with a spreading rounded to flat crown. Bark on young branches covered with.

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Beautiful vefsicolor specimen tree for a larger garden. Albizia lebbeck is also psychoactive. It dries slowly with little degrade, but surface checking occurs in excessively cross-grained pieces.

Albizia versicolor

Approximately 35 species are found in continental Africa and about 30 in Madagascar. Leaves with pairs versiicolor pinnae; leaflets in pairs per pinna, large, c. The heartwood is pale to purplish brown, often darker striped, sometimes almost black; it is distinctly demarcated from the white sapwood, which is up to 5 cm wide. DeciduousFrost Hardiness: There are 3 Wikipedia citations related to Albizia versicolor Welw.

albkzia Albizia versicolor Albizia versicolor – Albero della Small to medium-sized deciduous tree up to 20 m tall; bole usually short and branchless for up to 5 m but sometimes up to 12 m, straight and cylindrical, up to 60 — cm in diameter; bark surface greyish brown, rough and fissured; crown flattened, open, with spreading branches; young twigs rusty brown hairy. It prefers well-drained soils with a high water table. Albizia versicolor fruiting branch obtained from Zimbabweflora.


It was originally described by Carl Linnaeus as Mimosa lebbeck. The pods are versucolor to cattle and sheep. The flowers are white, with numerous 2. Agroforestry extension manual for northern Zambia. Being one of the most widespread and common species of Vereicolor worldwide, it is often simply called siristhough this name may refer to any locally common member of the genus.

The flowers attract beneficial pollinating insects to the garden.

Albizia versicolor

Determination of iron content in different parts of herbs used traditionally for anaemia treatment in East Africa. The pod valves with seeds still attached are spread by wind. Albizia versicolor poisoning of sheep and goats in Malawi.

LargeGrowth Rate: Root and bark decoctions are used as an anthelmintic and purgative, and to treat swollen glands and venereal diseases. Albizia versicolor Aluka – Albizia versicolor Welw. It results in a variety of neurological symptoms progressing to death.

It is also recommended as an ornamental tree for large gardens and parks. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. Mimosoideae Flora Zambesiaca 3 versicplor Pages – The inner bark is used for making rope. The grain is wavy or interlocked, texture coarse. Reports on its resistance to termites vary from susceptible to resistant. Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart, Germany. Albizia comprises about species and occurs throughout the tropics.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms.

Propagation by cuttings and root suckers has been successful. The traditional medical practitioner in Zimbabwe: The use of a filler is needed to obtain a smooth finish.

Balkema, Cape Town, South Africa. Albizia versicolor has good prospects as an auxiliary tree in agroforestry systems, improving the soil with its nitrogen-fixing root nodules, providing mulch with its leaf litter, reducing erosion with its large rooting system, and protecting crops from too much sun.

The wood saws and veesicolor well, but the surfaces of quarter-sawn boards may pick up. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Albizia lebbeck. The wood does not hold nails well, and pre-boring is required. There are 16 citations in Afrirefs related to Albizia versicolor Welw.