January 5, 2020

Alankara, also referred to as palta or alankaram, is a concept in Indian classical music and —Natya Shastra Bharata Muni ( BCE CE). Here are . Search found 2 books and stories containing Alamkarashastra, Alaṃkāraśāstra, Alaṃkāra-śāstra, Alankarashastra or Alankara-shastra. You can also click to the. Alankara Sastra Parichiti. Mishra, Bhabagrahi and Mishra, Santilata () Alankara Sastra Parichiti. Friends Publishers, Cuttack.

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He treats of the Anuprasa here and keeps over the Yamaka for the third chapter. Many Alankaras are introduced in these terms.


But ordinary things must have purple patches. The materials for him are the 2 sets of Laksanas in Bharata and those in Bhoja and S’aradatanaya. He does not illustrate these as sasta illustrates the metres and Alankaras. The remaining eleven in the 20 are new, found only in Vis’vanMha. Of these 73 have already been puplished and the rest is awaiting early publication.

The thorough and scientific treatment of the subject breaks fresh ground and introduces a learned reader to newer avenues of thought. That is, Kuntaka considers Svabhavokti as the Alankarya, i. Dandin says that when this S’rutyanu- prasa is left and Ulbananuprasa is resorted to by the Gaudas, harshness, Bandhaparusya and another flaw, S’aithilya, result. Hemacandra – 2 Varieties, viz. Rudrata mentions the Vaidarbhi and sstra Pancali with a certain kinship which is found even in Vamana.

On the positive side, I tried to show that the essential quality of style wdis precision: This attitude is very logical, since many of the Laksapas are either Alahkaras or Bhavas. He gives their definitions which resemble but are not exactly those in Bharata.


There is a discussion among scholars on the question: That it comprehends all aspects of expression has been well realised by him.

But his opponents point out that, as for instance, the Kavya lost called the As’viakavams’a is VaidarbhI. Used with restraint, it can sastrx charming and effective.


Those who do not naturally get Kumbhakonam Edn. Jayadeva’s Innovations 51 The north and the west of the verse of Bana are lost.

The use of the feature Yogavrtti, Upacara etc. The remaining 14 in the total of 54, are new. Appayya’s Fresh Classification of Rupaka into 12 Varieties For, these words, Mahiman calls and To Mahi- man, these out-of-place words are the literary Apas’abdas.

Full text of “Studies On Some Concepts Of The Alankara Sastra”

Truly very appreciated, Namaste. I am grateful to be your customer. S’abdakalpadruma S’ivalilarnava of Nilakamhadiksita. Alankaa has to leap to our heart on even the mere hearing of it. This succinct account of metaphor in Sanskrit Poetics consists of the following chapters: Words in the feminine gender fascinates them. Mention of Upamana and Upameya in Words 33 3. He adds that it is because of this that, sqstra to another view, Bharata gives another set of Laksanas with definitions.

In this respect, it resembles As’is, III, Rajanaka Ratnakara, in his insatiable love for S’lesa.

The owl, the jackal, the water of the river rushing through skeletons, — eeriness gathers round when we read 11— M. I have never, ever, received such beautifully and carefully packed items from India in all my years of ordering. It is thus clear that Varta here is not any Alahkara, nor the Alahkara which the Jayamangala says Bafti is illustrating.


He calls them Natyalankara. But it may be observed that the authors on dramaturgy who have shown an extraordinary genius for classification and elaboration of Ahgas on a stupendous scale might have followed the logic of the inclusion of Laksana in other concepts and saved us their lists of minor Sandhyahgakas, most of which can be shown to be not different at all from some Alahkara or Bhava.

Thus in explaining the first Laksana called Bhusana or Vibhusana he adopts the sixth view. Thus he considers it to be more important than Alahkara. Pratiharenduraja actually says that Bhavika refers both to the poet and to the Sahrdaya between whom a circuit of experience is completed.

What is this Aucitya?

The text available is this — I p. Sawtra India you are great! See also the Vrtti on these ; also my Ph. Ruyyaka adds another difference between Bhavika and Svabhavokti: If these meanings are not settled thus, there will arise a loose use of Varta or Jati. So also, Bana, speaking of the different parts alqnkara this country, remarks that the northerners write nothing but double entendre, the westerners, the bare idea ; the southerners roll in imaginative conceits while the Gaudas easterners make a display of wordy tumult.