March 9, 2020

The Four Principles by Shaikh al-Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahaab. Lesson in the Fundamentals of Islamic Monotheism (tawheed). This is an explanation of, ‘al-Qawaaid al-‘Arba’a’ written by Shaikhul-Islam, al- Mujaddid (the reviver), Muhammad ibn. Abdul Wahhab (rahimahullah). القواعد الأربعة The Arabic Text (Written) The following is an Arabic text with large writing: AlQawaidul Arba’a (biharakaat) The English.

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Salafi Publications | Al-Qawa’aid al-Arba’ah : The Four Principles – Full Arabic Text

In Part 01, Dr. So it is upon the slave to follow up sinning with repentance. He may Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon him said: So it contains a refutation against those grave- worshippers who make a distinction in this issue.

Part 1 Allaah, the Most High, says: TrulyAllaah guides not him who is a liarand a disbeliever. Part 6 Were they able to benefit you, and were they able to save themselves from the soldiers of Allaah sawaid the army of the muwahhideen? So the mushrik does not benefit from intercession. As opposed to the one who when tested becomes unhappy, angry and despairs from the Mercy of Allaah. Rather they proceed upon their desires and the propaganda of the misguided callers, so their differences increase.

The treatise was then printed as a separate booklet in order to spread the benefit and facilitate the knowledge for readers. As for when they oppose the command of Allaah then it is not permissible to follow or to obey them. They do not direct their worship purely for Allaah even during times of difficulty.

All Praise is due to Allaah, may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon our Prophet Qawad, his family and his Companions.

Part 6 “And all that they are doing is in vain. The messengers, the truthful siddiqoonthe martyrs shuhadaa and the believing slaves of Allaah were all tested but they were patient. As long as the action is not proved by evidence from the deen then it is a bidah and it does not benefit the doer, rather it harms him because it is disobedience, even if he claims that by this action he is seeking nearness to Allaah, the Mighty and Maj estic.

And for the Dhaalimun polytheists and wrongdoers there are no helpers. So this individual is given more tests and trials. The second interpretation of this verse is that it was revealed regarding some people from the mushrikeen who used to worship a group arbw J inn. All of them called to tawheed and to the worship of Allaah alone, which is obedience to Him in every time, by doing that which He has ordered from His legislation.


These were the three major idols qaaid the Arabs. This is a supplication from the Shaikh may Allaah have mercy on him and it is necessary for a teacher to supplicate for his students.

Al Qawaid Al-Arba’aa Urdu pdf |Shaykh Ul Islam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab

And man is ever ungrateful. We have sent among every Ummah community, nation a Messenger proclaiming: That Allaah, the Mighty and Most High, mentioned that the mushrikeen who came before used to devote their worship purely for Allaah when matters became diffi cult for them and they did not call upon other than Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, due to their recognition that there was no one to save them from diffi culties except Allaah, as He, the Most High, said, “And when harm touches you upon the sea, those that you call qawaaid besides Him vanish from you except Him Allaah Alone.

He loses both this world and the Hereafter. It was not for me to say what I had no right to say.

Seminar: al-Qawāʾid al-Arbaʿ (The Four Principles) – | Islamic Articles and Audio

This is because it is seeking blessings from other than Allaah such as stones, trees, graves and tombs and this is shirk even if it is given a label other than shirk. And Allaah has ordered us to follow the religion of Ibraaheem, “And He has not laid upon you in religion any hardship; it is the religion of your father Ibraaheem.

Salafi AudioFour Principles of Shirk. The Most High said: When many people are given a bounty aeba are ungrateful, they reject it and they spend it on the disobedience of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, and so it becomes a reason for their misery.

The like of what you have said is what Bani Israaeel said to Musaa, “Make for us a god as they have gods. May Allaah forgive me for any deficiencies in it. So that which leads to the Pleasure and the Paradise of Allaah is a waseelah to Him. The first condition is that it occurs by the Permission of Allaah and the second condition is that the one who is interceded for is from the people of tawheed i. This is the support of Allaah for His believing slave, in the world and the Hereafter.


TEXT When you acknowledge that Allaah has created you for His worship, then know that worship is not regarded as such unless it is accompanied by tawheed, just as prayer is not regarded as prayer unless it is accompanied by purification taharah.

But when He brings you safely to land, you turn away from Him. But if he does not repent or seek forgiveness, then this is a sign of misery, so he despairs from the mercy of Allaah and shaytaan comes to him and says: There were shayateen in it who would speak to the people and the ignorant people used to think that they were being spoken to by the tree or the building that was built upon it, although it was the shayateen who used to speak to them to divert them from the Path of Allaah.

So there is no difference between shirk with the awliyaa, the righteous, stones, trees or the shayateen.

So this indicates great prindples: When you acknowledge that Allaah has created you for His worship, then know that worship is not regarded as such unless it is accompanied by tawheed, just as prayer is not regarded as prayer unless it is accompanied by purification taharah.

This is from rejection and an admonition to the intelligence to return to guidance, for verily these are only rocks and trees which do not contain any benefit or harm, rather they are created.

So when we wish to know what shirk is, we must return to the Book and the Sunnah and we do not refer to the speech of so and so. It is a short treatise and follows The Three Fundamental Principles’ from the point of view of its necessity to be grasped by the students of knowledge.

Far removed is Allaah from that which they say. One in His actions, there is no partner to Him.

Wherever you are and wherever you turn, you will be accompanied by blessings.