May 22, 2020

The Akai MB76 provides simple automated signal routing at a very low cost. The MB76 has 7 inputs and 6 outputs and the ability to route any of the inputs to any. used Akai MB 76 splitter mixerMIDI controlled via PC 32 presetsMix any 7 inputs to any 6 outputsSave presets and recall with MIDI Program. Used together, the Akai MB76 Mix Bay and PEQ6 Equaliser can bring a limited but useful degree of automation to the MIDI-based home studio. Ian Gilby.

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Login or Sign Up. Having said that, you could just about get away akxi this technique on certain types of non-dynamic music, where gradual level changes were not demanded, and a snapshot style of mixing could still be a handy tool in the right situation.

Obviously, you are restricted to a snapshot style of mixing, which is of limited use, but you could theoretically programme slight level adjustments and store each new setting in successive Banks, then recall those Banks in very quick succession with a sequencer to simulate a fade-in or fade-out.

So how is this feat of ingenuity possible? Transfer patches from the bank into the editor with manual or auto save options. Intuitive multi-patch drag and drop interface to copy, paste, or swap patches within the current bank or with other banks.

How about it Akai? My solution to this problem aksi been to purchase a second MB Each EQ has a number and you select it with the Line button.


Akai MB76 Mix Bay User Review by Thomas-vxnJ5

You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. Previous article in this issue: VST and AU automation record and playback of all parameter edits.

Those inputs that are not required as part of a particular routing patch or mix can be turned off using their Trim control, or simply not included when defining the program.

Real time tracking and display of edited vs. Any one of the 16 channels can be used. The MB76 is aptly named. Obviously there was no way Akai could fit faders on a 1U high box, but the MB76 is not intended to be a replacement for a mixer, it is designed for those occasions when several levels need to be balanced nb76 then left.

This module runs in all three versions of Midi Quest: The front panel knobs will still be set to their previous positions whenever a new Bank is selected.

Akai MB76 Midi Programmable Mix Bay 7 in 6 out Patchbay Signal Router | eBay

An LED indicator above each control shows red when boosting signals, green when cutting, and is extinguished when set central to the ‘flat’ no boost or cut position. Like all of their products, the Akai MB76 is well-built and pleasing on the eye I far prefer Akai’s pale grey panels to morbid black ones, any day!!

View the Media Kit. If you can live with this way of working, fine; if you can’t then I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere at other, more expensive, programmable equalisers – or stick with what you’ve got.


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Create Logic environment files containing the MB76 patch names. The programmable nature of the device is very appealing – there’s nothing worse than having to arduously reset the EQ controls by hand on multiple mixer channels, in readiness for a mix.

This allows for quite a bit of flexibility. Real Time Updates – all parameter edits are automatically sent to the instrument so the instrument stays in sync with your editor.

This unit is midi controllable.

This takes you and the equalisation back to square one, ie. Autosense automatically configures communication for most MIDI hardware.

Akai MB76 Midi Programmable Mix Bay 7 in 6 out Patchbay Signal Router

Imported SysEx data is automatically transferred into the appropriate Midi Quest editor. The more advanced mb766 of Midi Quest include additional features such as plug-in capabilities, patch generators, and advanced tools to manage larger MIDI systems and patch collections. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

These controls actually attenuate reduce the levels of the input signals and when turned fully anticlockwise to the ‘Off’ position, effectively mute kaai input. Sound On Sound – Mar Find patches in large banks quickly by entering a partial name.