January 5, 2020

This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive , .. addressed in 59 MDWI , Infection Prevention and Control Program. (AFI) , Medical Evaluation Boards – Air Force Freedom of Read more about profiles, audit, officials, pimr, milpds and evaluation. Process supplements to this instruction as shown in Air Force Instruction (AFI) , TR: AFI and local medical treatment facility.

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Categorical Flying Class II qualifies rated inwtruction for duty in certain restricted aircraft categories. Initial ACS evaluations of inactive flyers only if reassignment to active flying is pending. These standards are not inclusive of all conditions for restriction firce other diseases or defects may be cause for restriction if this is the medical opinion and judgment of the examining flight surgeon.

Confirm positive results with electrophoresis. MTFs make every effort to accomplish the 44-517 examination in one day. Appoints members of the Medical Evaluation Board. The medical qualification for continued military duty in the ARC for members not on EAD and not eligible for disability processing.

Recurring episodes of intestinal obstruction, characterized by abdominal colicky pain, and vomiting, and requiring frequent admissions to the hospital.

C order of evaluation assignment

Chronic, when symptoms persist after a reasonable time following the acute stage and there is objective evidence of impairment of liver function. MEB evaluation is indicated in those instances when medical complications or sequelae of alcoholism for example, recurrent jaundice or ascites, esophageal varices, chronic pancreatitis, organic central nervous system CNS disorders, etc.


SF 93, updated and current within six months ARC flying personnel require this examination every 3 foce SF Waivers for Enlisted Occupations: EEG Routine aie a sleep sample.

Reports of medical examination are considered administratively valid as follows: All other entrants at their entry point or first permanent duty station. Retirement or separation from active military service as specified by this instruction.

Distribution of Reports Reference each update to the SF Form 93 with the 441-57 date, followed by any significant items of medical history since last examination. Seizures following omission of prescribed medication or ingestion of alcoholic beverages are not indicative of the controllability of the disorder. Hiatus hernia with severe symptoms not relieved by dietary or medical therapy or with recurrent bleeding in spite of prescribed therapy.

ACS evaluation 6 months following injury. Speech Disorders and Noticeable Communication Problems. To be considered waiverable, instrucfion disqualifying condition should meet the following criteria: Normal blood pressure response. Moderate to severe mitral regurgitation, any etiology, if symptomatic or associated with subnormal ejection fraction.

Involuntarily ordered to EAD with the regular Air Force and who are eligible for fitness evaluation under applicable directives.

AFI | Physical Evaluation Board Forum

Ophthalmology evaluations include, where appropriate, a dilated examination of the disc with a stereoscopic magnifying lens Hruby, Goldmann, 90Dvisual fields, applanation tonometry, and stereo 35 mm disc photos when available. Backache, Severe or Incapacitating, History Of. Ensures commanders are aware of the fitness of the force 2. Enuresis, or History of, instrhction Late Childhood or Adolescence.


Care should be taken to ensure the members Aviation Service Code is correct prior to applying Attachment 2 standards.

~ Good Air Force websites ~ [Archive] – NavyDEP

Space and Missile Operations Crew Duty: Members of all components on extended active duty EAD not excluded by other directives. The examiner prepares relevant documents and copies as listed above. Corneal topography, red lens testing, and color vision testing. Members scheduled for ACS evaluations will be briefed by the referring local flight surgeon regarding ACS requirements and reporting instructions.

Hyperbaric Chamber Training and duty. AFMC Each medical record must be reviewed to identify any medical conditions or behavioral risks that require further evaluation or counseling.

Termination of service when specified by this instruction. The medical service does not make recommendations for medical waivers for entry or retention for those who fall below qualification standards instryction by personnel authorities.

Attachment 1 is a list of references and supporting information.

instructoin Hypoplasia of the kidney, associated with elevated blood pressure or frequent infections or reduction in renal function.

Verify the initial profile serial of all individuals entering active duty and establish a baseline AF Form