January 24, 2020

A Perfect Proposal – Katie Fforde. Sophie Apperly is young, attractive, practical, domestic & totally unappreciated by her academic family. Following on from the recent Katie Fforde thead, I have just finished reading my free copy of her new book ‘A Perfect Proposal’. (Thanks Charlotte!). Fforde’s latest is a rambling, bighearted novel in which a young Londoner becomes entangled with a wealthy American family.

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Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Like the foam on a high priced, overly sugared cup of fancy coffee, this book is fluffy and sweet. Katje Perfect Proposal was just the book I needed to brighten my days during a bleak time. June 10, Publication Date: Welcome to the world of chicklit, where almost all of the female leads are kind-hearted and conveniently beautiful and where everyone on planet Earth can be your best friend in just a matter of minutes! I also loved the covers of her early books.

If the friend had been a just casual friend, their limited interaction during and after the trip would have made more sense, otherwise, give the friend more of a role in the story and develop her character.

A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde

As a child, Matilda stayed in a house on the Cornish coast; the house holds her happiest memories, and she wants Sophie to find it for her. She’s funny and determined and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind even when it might make others uncomfortable. If you like modern, sassy romance with strong, realistic characters and an edge of humour, this is a great choice of book. The love interest was Like, actually decided to win him back. You see, Matilda is quite wealthy and Luke is fearful that Sophie is after Matilda’s fortune.

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And it is a hoot to see such a stick-up-the-bum fforde man have to deal with it. Sophie loves being in New York and her holiday gets even better when she unintentionally befriends a spirited old British lady called Matilda. And this is good.

A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde

I enjoy a book where I find myself involved and not always liking the characters — it feels more realistic. Review of the Year. There’s a bit of a Cinderella theme here but for some reason it just didn’t grab me. You know how in some books they just drop everything in your lap from page one, here frorde everything and everyone, wham, girl, guy, situation, lots of complications fforee they are together, the end, or till they go at it, whichever comes first.

A Perfect Proposal is a very easy and relaxing read that I found quite hard to put down. See all 51 reviews.

I am too old for this book. There were definitely examples of language used in which it was very telling that this was written over five years ago, as there were multiple incidents when it was out dated and problematic, in terms of sexism and homophobia. In the middle of a Melbourne winter, it’s lovely to know I can look forward to a new Katie Fforde every year.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The characters are likeable and believeable — especially Sophie, with whom you empathise, and Matilda, who is just the kind of feisty, fun new friend any woman would be happy to have.

My books of the year, — favourites from a year of reading. Sep 19, Jacque rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 27, Rebekah rated it ;erfect not like it Shelves: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.

And then Luke pops on over for business, which becomes more when he helps Sophie on her mission. At 22, Sophie may be the youngest, but she is the most frugal and thrifty, knowing she must live within her Katie Fforde is my go to author for everything cute and adorable.


I enjoyed the story, and did not find it predictable. Don’t have a Kindle? More about the book…. Refresh and try again. What I found fascinating about this, in the end, is that Sophie’s solution though not actually expressed or acknowledged is proposao make choices about who it is that she spends time with–i.

A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde. However, do not worry! Posted by lyn at 6: Life must be filled up. I have recently found myself reading many of Katie Fforde books. She then proceeds to do this regularly throughout the book; bending over backwards to make sure the men in her life is well fed and looked after. For example she went all the way to New york and barely spent any time with the best friend who invited her. Just all around adorable book.

She has three children: Sophie is confident modern technology makes it likely that the rights could pay off now. As in most of her novels, it comes across as senseless and impossible to buy into — it may have worked well in horse and buggy days with characters of limited means, but completely unexplainable in any time period that includes telephones and mail, let alone characters that have the financial means to fully access to all the current communication technologies.