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A panel data approach using composite indices. Several scenarios have been considered with two cases in order to evaluate banks business risk, the difference focus on serri possibility to the banks which face an abrupt reduction in its business activities to adjust costs or not.

Notice also, that whatever is the numeraire retained to deflate the outputs, the tebkii score is the same unless the likelihood function does not converge. Section two presents a brief overview of the empirical literature and the motivations of this paper, Section three deals with the methodology of the efficiency measure and the evaluation of business risk.

Hannif used the inflation rate instead of the risk-free rate for Islamic financial assets. International Monetary Fund Takan M.


Various studies have confirmed on its validation as the Black studies, Jensen and Scholesother studies such as studies of Fama and French confirmed its invalidation. A validity test of the capital asset pricing model for Dhaka stock exchange. Some differences in efficiency by bank size prove to be significant in particular for large and very large banks for commercial banks, only very large banks for Islamic banks. Let us mention that we consider three cases, the first one is to apply a shock on total loans only, the second scenario consider the shock on the other non lending services commissions, investments…the business model retained assumes two outputs produced.

A direct study in that regard is the study of Cokgezen and Kuran in which they concentrate on the specific issue of Islamic credit cards. The first model provide an efficiency measure much more related to the cost efficiency, by measuring by how much the inputs could be deflated to reach the efficient frontier while producing the same level of outputs.

However, these authors indicate that the market premium is more volatile, it has a standard deviation For the entire period, the variable Rit, which represents the return bank i at time t, Can reach a maximum value A review and preview of research past, present, and future. Multi-output production and duality: The narrowness of listed Yenel financial markets stock market has led us to retain only 14 banks over tebili period studied.


We tested the correlation between the explanatory variables and residuals. First, we conducted a test of the unit root panel data. The results of these two authors are in contradiction with the teblil supported by the CAPM; their studies were among the first empirical studies to reject the claims of the latter model.

Unfortunately, the organizing committee could make room for only about papers in the Congress so the scientific committee had to eliminate two third of the papers submitted.

For this purpose two important steps need to be taken. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. The status of the Participation Banking in Turkish banking sector is studied in this study. Business model, efficiency and stability. Evidence from Bursa Malaysia. For this method to be effective, the institution itself must be knowledgeable and understand what it is and what Islamic finance Islamic finance capabilities.

By comparing our correlation coefficients with those obtained by Fama and French, we find that the correlation between the market premium and HML is In particular, the aim of this paper is to analyse the credit-related practices of Islamic participation banks in Turkey through comparison of them with theory. Being one of the controversial issues, creditrelated practices of Islamic banks have attracted much interest.


Moreover, their results show that credit risk is the major source of vulnerability compared to the other two aforementioned risk types.

So, the Islamic financial markets, has become a very rich discipline that resulted from multiple thoughts and research. The ratio of loans has been at its lowest levels since last few years, despite that loans are still the dominant item in total assets.

This result is also consistent under the scenario of separate shocks on lending or non lending activities and with or without cost adjustments. Where conventionally structured products arerelatively straightforward, similar Islamic financial products tend to be more complex.


Shariah compliance often leads to additional requirements in the structuring process which in turn leads to higher transactions costs. In Section 4, we expose the methodology. Those who are interested can also reach the presentations and the talks delivered in ICISEF via its youtube channel. The estimate for the second period: New start up Islamic Financial Institutions has been prepared to offer more competitive products and services to build market share.

ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği – PDF Free Download

The model of Fama and French is an extension of the Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPMit allows expressing the venel of a financial asset and giving as much information to properly measure and predicting the performance, which will give a better valuation of assets.

Finally, directional and hyperbolic distance functions, much more recent compared to the previous models, evaluate bank performances while allowing simultaneously both output expansion and input reduction, which offer a more complete measure of telbii related to profit. Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, Berger, A.

We will focus in this paper on two distance function measures, the output distance function and the hyperbolic distance function. Islamic and commercial banks. In yearIslamic Banking Subsidiary for conventional bank had been established. Today, Islamic banking in Malaysia is growing very rapidly. Performance of Syariah and composite indices: The effects of the global crisis on Islamic and conventional banks: This will involve Islamic banking institutions to consider the possibility of forging strategic alliances to tap the research and development expertise developed outside the banking to create the tebii of Islamic teblii products capable of meeting the customer requirements.

Aggressive launch of innovative and sophisticated products by financial institutions puts tremendous pressures on Islamic banks.

Further, if assets of all Islamic banks are pooled, they will still be less than those of seru single bank in the top 60 banks in the world. The production possibility set denoted T, is the set of all the combinations of outputs and inputs for which X can produce Y.