October 10, 2020

Just align your optic on the black dot and bore sight on the gray dot. UPDATE 2: It may go without saying but this target can also be used to. Since the offset on a 10M Boresight Target is a mathematical calculation with symbols placed on predetermined grid coordinates on a sheet of. This 10 Meter Boresight target is designed for the M16A4/M4MWS rifle with a top rail EoTech Holographic Sight. Target includes diagrams for Laser Bore.

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The soldier must train to activate his laser at boresigth base of the target and engage the target as soon as the target is detected. If the visible laser stops on the zeroing mark, the borelight is zeroed to the weapon.

This paragraph describes procedures and requirements for handling all organic and special weapons. Stabilizing the weapon is crucial.

FM Appendix G Meter Target Offsets And Meter Zero Offsets

Other procedures are the same as standard iron sight procedures. In most cases, the cheek-to-stock weld no longer exists. Advertise with Jerking the Trigger. tagget

This statement and others like it is one of the reasons 5. Check the light for proper intensity before opening the front lens cover. Regardless of the ready position used, always assume the correct firing stance to ensure proper stability and accuracy when engaging targets.


FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

Most people can find a 10 yard 30 feet line tsrget sight in their home. Place the zeroing mark approximately 10 meters from the end of the barrel so that the visible laser strikes the zeroing mark. Tom February 13, at In all cases, strict self-discipline is the most critical factor for the safe handling of weapons.

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Your leader will set and adjust the weapons borsight status based on the friendly and enemy situation, and the clarity of the situation. This helps to keep weapons from running out of ammunition. The fundamentals of marksmanship are modified as follows:. Leaders of all levels need to educate themselves now on this so that they can be more efficient in their use of one of our most valuable assets: With the newer version, this stuttering is not as obvious.

Both the narrow and wide field of views must be boresighted and zeroed.

What is a Bore Sight Offset?

The M68 training strategy is the same as the iron sight training strategy. Commanders should follow these training strategies and abide by the qualification standards set forth to the best of their abilities.

The more accurate the boresight of the TWS to the bboresight weapon, the closer to a battlesight zero the firer will be. If you zero your weapon with the one-eye-open method, then you must engage targets using this method for zero accuracy.


Placing the cheek on the stock weld to get a good sight picture after the M68 is zeroed at 25 meters is no longer necessary. The improved M72 is transportable by tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, without any safety constraints, and is air deliverable by individual parachutist or by pallet.

Ammunition is fed into the boresignt from a round bandoleer containing ball and tracer 4: If the weapon does not fire, take remedial action. It can be mounted on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle. The M9 has a round staggered magazine. This can be either a visual signal or a sound signal.

20 Pack – M16A4/M4MWS with EoTech Holo Sight – 10m Boresight Target

The chain of command determines when to load the weapon and chamber a round in reference to METT-TC in a combat environment. Rapidly bring the weapon tarhet on target and fire the second round. It is a simple target with a 1. Combat readiness makes it essential for you to zero your individual weapon whenever it is issued. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.